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A Singularity of Two

“It takes a singularity of two to rise above the herd”

– and you can quote me on that 🙂

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  1. A surprise this evening….your reappearance in the email inbox! How very nice! I have thought of you often and wondered how things were going in the fast lane. I myself published a book this past fall—poetry, of course, for which the market is slim to nil
    (unless I change my name to Maya Angelu.) But I know and accept that, and it was a good way of summing up one phase and beginning a new one. I hope all is well with you, and will start following again if you plan to resume blogging….there’s usually something most interesting to read on Written Words Never Die! 🙂 <3

    1. Hello Cynthia, my dear – what a lovely surprise!

      Congratulations on your book of poetry. I’m sure it’s filled with verse and thoughts that transport us to a world we all should take time to pause and reflect. True, the market for poetry is almost non existent – sad. However, now that your book is out there – it’ll outlast all of us and beyond. You’ve added to the human collective – well done indeed.

      All is wonderfully busy and well, my dear.

      A local production house acquired one of my screenplays last fall. Late last month, they invited me to develop and direct the movie. This is turning out to be a tremendous learning curve for me. The hours in the day simply burn away as mist under sunlight.

      Lisa is happy – “Keeps you out of trouble,” she says (bless her). I don’t blame her as been the mechanic I am, I love tinkering with machine tools, and started building reverse solar panels – a pet project of mine, first conceptualized in the 1990s. Of course, our roof top garden (we live in a condo) turned into a messy workshop. Yes, she is glad to have me out of the house.

      I doubt I’ll get back to serious blogging at least for another few months – but you’ll see me pop up now and then.

      Be well, my dear and keep well.

      Luv and hugz from Singapore 🙂

  2. That’s perfectly fine, Eric… we are at different stages of life and doing different things.. I am interested and do keep tabs on you (good Lord, someone should!). When I have time, I read with interest, even if I don’t comment. 🙂

    1. Hello Cynthia,

      You dropped off the grid there but good to have you back. I trust that all is well.

      I like what you say – losing a true partner and gaining a new idea of singularity. This is a new idea and certainly – for me – worth exploring. Thank you for this.

      Kind regards,
      P/s I’ve been very busy this year – released 3 books and now working on 5 new titles which I hope to release in 2015. Don’t ask what is driving me – sometimes I feel like a man possessed. In addition I give talks in at least 2 seminars a month and am currently handling a book length ghost writing project. Pardon me if I’ve not been a regular visitor/commenter over at your blog.

  3. Succinct. Powerful. And very true, my good friend. Combining the wisdom of more than one person does make the difference. This is very helpful to figure out matters where one cannot. Together they make a very good team. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for – a good partner? Those who have this are surely blessed.

    1. As you can read the other comments – we received some varied and interesting views.

      However, you captured the essence of what I wished to convey.

      And you are so very right. It is a blessing to have a true partner.

      Peace and blessings,

  4. I pondered your words and feel at one with all…what’s missing from the ‘all’…a singularity of purpose me thinks! Hugs for you my special buddy. 🙂

    1. Well, Jane buddy,

      You remind me of a rubber ball – the way you keep bouncing right back, with such enthusiasm and optimism. Not many people possess what you have, my dear dear friend.

      Luv and hugz,

    1. Hello Aparna,

      Yes, you dropped off some and am happy to have you return:-)

      Things are really messy and tragic in the Middle East.


    1. I think most long haul partners/married couples who have experienced several decades of sunrises together, will agree.

      I’m a firm believer in the institution of marriage but also know of at least two couples who live together and love one another more than the traditional married couples. These two couple don’t have children but have been together for decades.

      All the best for your weekend too 🙂

    1. Hello Janna dear,

      Yes, ideas might sprout from one – but seldom can that ‘one’ bring it to fruition all by him/herself.

      All good wishes,

  5. I like the use of the word ‘singularity’ in your post. It is the perfect word for the concept which you convey. I agree that ‘no man is an island’ but question whether sometimes it takes an isolated individual to make an epochal discovery. Wasn’t Alexander Fleming more or less alone when he made his discovery? I know you will counter that others preceded him and it took almost twenty years and the persistence of Flory, Chain and Healtly to develop it into useable form.
    So perhaps Fleming is a poor example but, back to your premise, I bring to mind great composers and artists who had to work solo, producing work which ‘rocked the boat’ of their time and continue to astonish today.
    Am I being too querulous for a Tuesday?

    1. Querulous? Certainly not, Jane dear 🙂

      Great human discoveries of science, geography and archaeology, and works of visual, literary and (even) performing arts – are attributed to individuals. This is true.

      How then do we reconcile this apparent dichotomy with the “singularity of two”?

      Perhaps, by looking beyond the literal and into the figurative. Singular as in the individual (literal) and two as in community or relationships (figurative).

      If Life is a cycle, then, it stands to reason it is a process. No single event defines an individual, as he is ever evolving and moulded by a series of life experiences – a process. He is the protagonist and hence the achievements are his.

      However, he works not in a vacuum. His circumstances and relationships – the figurative “two” – propel forward or pull back. (Behind every un/successful man is a woman – and vice versa).

      The great composers and artists who worked solo are the ones we know of – the ones who had the good fortune of been discovered and brought to the public domain. Although the credit, rightly, goes to the artists they could not have become famous if not for the work of others – the unknown agents, sponsors and risk takers who financed with money, time and even their reputation. I dare suggest there are probably equally talented artists who took their great works to their graves – because fortune/fate refused them the “two”.

      At the risk of being frivolous, consider the many hidden talents brought to the fore by the various reality shows such as singing contests. Ordinarily, a frumpy woman such as Susan Boyle would never have made it – through the usual agent channels – as an international singing celebrity if not for Simon Cowell and his razzmatazz – her “two”.

      No man is an island – that was apt, what you mentioned upfront. What you say, holds merit because there is room on the pedestal only for one.

      Peace and blessings,

  6. Working alone can get lonely. It’s always better to have a friend and different views spur new ideas. Agree with your post, Eric.

    1. Hello Jasey,

      Although sometimes one head makes for quicker decisions – in the long, two is better me thinks.

      Peace and blessings,

  7. For me, the effect may not always be the best. There are situation where singly, an idea is fantastic, but to avoid conflict, two decide to compromise. To maintain singularity but achieving the result of two is not so easy I believe.

    1. You may be right Windy

      Quite often, the decision of one might be better for one-off events.

      However, in the long run and for a series of events over a period of time – I wonder.


  8. There’s an old saying in Croatia (Dalmatia) : “A man and a donkey know more than a man alone” – Hm, this might fit into the “singularity” of two as the olden days Dalmatians depended on donkeys and a close, relationships of dependence developed…well anyway rarely were there arguments even though both could get stubborn at times 🙂

    1. I think I’ve heard this one – about the man and his donkey – but didn’t know it came from Croatia.

      You’re so right – some of the best travelling companions could be those whose lingo we don’t speak 🙂

      1. I’m not 100% sure it originated from Dalmatia but all my life (from early age) I’ve known that proverb as “the old Dalmatian saying” and I can imagine how it might have originated there.
        As to travelling companions – hm – yes, indeed, many times 😀

    1. Thank you, my Nairobi friend,

      Just as I thought I licked it, I came down with a bad bout of flu last night. Pardon me if I don’t visit all my usual blog friends.

      I told the wife a stiff shot of Jack Daniels will fix me good – but she insists it has to be doctor’s prescription. That’s easy – the doc is my drinking buddy 🙂

    1. Your comment brought a smile, Val dear,

      You been there, done that. Enjoy the journey – and I’m truly so happy for you.

      You’re one person who is so brutally truthful to yourself – scary, but also so admirable.

      I’m blessed to know you, Val 🙂

      Peace and blessings,
      P/s Lunch time is over – back to the grind 🙂

    1. Hello Diana,

      Ian actually hit the nail on the head when he said, “That _ comment finds its fulfilment in every level of society.”

      As couples, if we totally love and support one another in all facets of life, be it career, family, self-fulfilment and etcetera – we’ll rise above the herd. We’re Singular (individual talents) but of Two (as a couple). I don’t subscribe to men or women as better than the other.

      As Nations or any human organisation – I can’t add to what Ian has said and he is right about “vision”.

      At a more esoteric level, if I might borrow from yin and yang and how we need both to make a complete whole.

      Let’s stop here and learn from other commenters – am looking forward to them 🙂

      All good wishes,

  9. That philosophical comment finds its fulfilment in every level of society. Nations in conflict within themselves will fail. Case in point “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” Organizations in conflict will fail and husband and wife in conflict lead to ruin within that family. But united each segment will move forward to lofty heights. Of course vision is part of that statement too isn’t it?

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