Thinking_Stepping Outside the Box

Every time

I pick up a box of life experiences,

one that tries to confine me,

I rummage through the lot

and discard the anchors

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2014 ************

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  1. Dear Eric,

    It is I who thanks you profusely for prompting me to get my derriere into that !@#!%$&! chair and compose something. Anything. Something!

    And so does it prove the power and allure of your writing.

    It is your own abundance, benevolence, and friendship that resonates throughout the blogosphere (what a terrible word) as it allows a slew of fellow scribes to cogitate and scribble their own response, as well as a prompt to pursue their own singular prose.

    We all–Ian, Madhu, Jasey, and all the other wonderful bloggers out there–a chance to voice their thoughts and enlightenment to your own delightful postings.

    It remains you, Eric, who is generous and magnanimous with your thoughtful comments to all your friends out there.

    We all revel to read your words so please, continue with your stellar and exquisite writing.

    With much gratitude for your kind words, and wishing you an endless stash of stories…salacious or otherwise. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Take care,

    1. Dear Paul,

      Yes, I am blessed to count Ian, Madhu and Jasey as very close and extremely supportive. There are others and I will not justice if I listed some and overlooked others. Hence, I don’t have a ‘blogroll’ as such.

      Your words of praise – what can I say but accept graciously with all the humility I can muster.

      All good peace and blessings be upon you and yours,

  2. My Dear Eric,

    So very apt, your words, my friend. ‘Tis very true, as evidenced by the many responses to your post.

    Excess baggage, satchels unopened for years, rucksacks filled with debris, all hoarded and packaged and forgotten, an immense weight that crushes and holds us heavy within that ‘box’.

    “Discard the anchors.” How utterly perfect! It describes so many aspects of human existence. For example; how many out there have an abundance of emails that have never been read? (My own? I have two accounts, and in both there are over 10,000 unread emails!). So there, within the rectangular box of the glowing computer screen lie anchors that, for the most part, can be discarded.

    Lovely to read your words, Mr. Alagan, as they never fail to allow me a pause and to contemplate a myriad of things in my own life.

    Take care, dear friend, and warmest wishes,
    Paul 🙂 🙂

    1. Dear Paul,

      Trust and hope that all is well.

      Your comment can standalone as a post – so well written. Yet, you chose to put it here as “one of the many” instead of husbanding it to embellish your own blog. And so shines your generosity, my friend.

      Thank you for your words of abundance and friendship,
      Eric 🙂 🙂 🙂

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