Mountain Man

Man comes upon a mountain in his path – climbs it

Man comes upon a mountain in his path – bores tunnel through it

Man comes upon a mountain in his path – goes around it

Man sees a mountain ahead in his path – avoids it

I wonder which Man I am – Let me check Time

Which Man (Woman) are you? Care to share, add or complete – I’ve deliberately kept it open. Let loose your imagination. I would love to receive your thoughts, as I’m sure many of my visitors would too 🙂

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Have a great week, all 🙂



  1. Eric, my first thoughts would be to gather help and build an environmentally friendly hiking trail so that many people could enjoy the view without disturbing the flora and fauna. (I don’t like wandering in the wilderness without a clear path – I’ve been lost once for a few hours… not fun!)

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. I have been all of these “women” Eric, and cliche as it sounds, it all depends on what God’s purpose is…I tend to be more of a climber, even though I may become short of breath, at times…I’ll persevere. 🙂

  3. Acrophobia I have, so no climbing. Claustrophobia included, so no boring tunnels. Going round it – what a task. Avoid it – I might miss something. Technique – find the easiest. honest and less time consuming mode to arrive at the top and enjoy the view. The mountain may not be an issue if we can find the right mode.

  4. Sorry I’m late here, I’ve been working on some blog renovations and life issues have popped up too!
    Great question, and if I say, none of the above? I live under a mountain (a couple actually) sometimes we go through the pass to another valley, sometimes along the lake. I think I take my mountains as they come and don’t have a fixed reply. 😉

    1. Nothing to apologise for, Georgia

      Blogging ought to be fun and not a chore. Drop by anytime and as/when you’re able. If you miss a few posts – okay, you missed ’em 🙂

      I never did think of that – people who already live ‘under’ mountains. Yes, in a sense most of us are in agreement – take ’em as they come.


      1. You know, I agree that blogging ought to be fun and it usually is for me…sometimes though, outside elements put the fly in the ointment…and so one must figure out what to do with the moutainous mole-hill!

    1. Can I join you, Frida – because when all is said and done, sitting atop a mountain and taking in the beauty of nature is a pretty lovely way to relax and reflect.


  5. It depends on the size of the mountain and the importance of the journey. Before acting, I’d have to contemplate whether the mountain is a sign that I’m on the wrong path. Maybe I’m supposed to hang a left (or right) at the mountain. After all, life is a series of choices and I think there is more than one combination of ‘right’ choices.

    1. You’re right, Janna – life is full of choices and whatever we decide is right for us – although at that moment we might not always view it as such.

      Peace and blessings,

  6. Must I choose? I can’t say “friend” and have the mountain open and allow me through? No?

    I would climb. I want the view of the entire land on all sides, perhaps there is a different path to take and I can choose a different way.

    1. I like this, Val

      Open sesame! – But this slants more to a master-slave thing.

      I like better your approach – Let me through, as I come in friendship.

      Peace and blessings,

  7. Hi Eric, for me, it depends on what the mountain stands for. Oftentimes I think of mountains as enormous obstacles, and I am the type (or ideally the best part of me) that would drill a tunnel through the mountain — I chip into the problem, stroke by stroke, chisel by chisel — with tenacity, perseverance, and hope to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

    Not that I have always dealt with problems this way: at my weaker or other inspired moments, I did not do so, but looking back, for the most part, that was my way of getting through obstacles in life.

    with best wishes,

    1. Hello Dee,

      One step at a time – persevere and reach the top. Gently, gently, even the tallest mountains can be worn down by the ‘giving’ water – something that finds the path of least resistance — interesting that at the end, the mountain succumbs to dust.

      We have our weaker moments – all of us – when we are recollecting, resting and resourcing. Yes.

      Thank you for sharing and all good wishes my dear,

  8. Hi Eric; I’ve never allowed obstacles to intimidate me so I suppose that this makes me a climber or borer. Sometimes, however, I do pause to evaluate where the obstructed path leads to make sure that skirting or avoiding it completely might still get me to where I need to be so that makes me a skirter and avoider as well. I hope that I always embrace the option of enjoying the obstacle and it’s conquest – surely this is most necessary if it is huge and consumes a lot of effort. Another option might be to obliterate it – or is that too anti-environmental and drastic? Enjoy your week!
    Cheerio, Jane

    1. Hello Jane dear,

      Yes, as discerning/emotional humans, we react differently given similar situations – similar, not exactly the same.

      Many times, when confronted – I’d slunk away and my tormenters probably thought of me as cowardly. A few times my loved ones had been threatened – and the tormenters saw a different side of me. In fact, I feared what I saw of myself.

      Mountains in our paths test our faculties – sometimes it calls for obliteration.

      All good wishes,

    1. The path of least resistance is nature’s way – and contrary to popular belief, in many circumstances it’s the best. Even a lion knows when to back off – and I would not call that ‘chicken’.

      1. Today is a much more productive day – the mountain holds no fear so onwards and upwards – thank you for your inspiring thoughts Eric.


  9. As you say, “What time is it?”, Which man I am very much is influenced by my emotional state at the time that I face the mountain. I wish I could say that I climbed it all of the time, but I would only be lying to myself. Excellent piece and a great question.

    1. Hello Dom,

      It’s amazing to read so many varied takes – yet, I discern a certain commonality to our approaches. How we react is quite often tempered by our life experiences, reference points and stage in life.

      Thank you for your presence and contribution. Always nice to hear from you 🙂


  10. Thank you, Eric. I think where, and in whom we find like interests, faith and encouragement, we will have the support needed when the mountains (challenges) come, and the journey becomes easier.

  11. I have deliberately not read any replies yet as I do not want to be swayed. ( I be reading them in a minute after I reply.

    As through this life I have journeyed many mountains I have met
    Huge and threatening in my way with dangerous paths beset.
    With eyes shut fast I charge at it and tunnel right through
    Out the other side I emerge only to meet another mountain.True
    What on earth am I to do I cannot stop I cannot go back
    Gathering up the chattels and burdens up and on over the top I hack
    Tired and lost I stop for rest. I look to the horizon
    There in the distance another mountain for me to set my eyes on.
    I have nothing left in me with which to fight I am spent nothing left to give.
    I have no energy left but time is chasing me so I go round it, as I want to live
    I realize this journey is never ending and the mountains they are many
    I find there is a twisting path, it will take me longer but the mountain I will avoid
    I am none of the above.I am them all.I think the mountain moves, null and void
    No answer comes to mind. The road is long and hard
    No one escapes alive or un-marred!

    1. This is a truly marvellous contribution, Willow dear.

      Enjoyed reading and relished every sentence – resonates so very well and brings forth several themes. The Journey of Life with potholes of challenges, opportunities to excel and barriers that bring us down to humility – and we persevere on.

      Much luv and hugz coming your way for this wonderful sharing 🙂

  12. I would climb it: big mountain, difficult or impossible although I would die there or would be the last thing I do… 🙂
    I like challenges, obstacles, difficulties… make you stronger, make you to think.
    Yes, the view on the top would be amazing, but wouldn’t fill my spirit. I know that arrive to the top, would make me search for other mountain higher

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