Dust unto dust

Everything returns home – everything!


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I would love to hear what you draw from this 🙂



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  1. Reminds me of being at way too many Catholic funeral masses and hearing the priest say “From dust to dust, ashes to ashes, we shall return.”

    I also see the beauty in rust. Time has its way of ageing that which was once beautiful, or so we think…time cannot erase the memory of beauty…it can however change the feelings we had of that beauty.

    Always, your words, so perfect. I love that you get me thinking…You amaze me with your rich talent.

    1. Thank you, Eva dear.

      That opening about Catholic funerals brought a chuckle. One often hears ad nausea to all the out pourings which have one consistent theme – “Oh, he/she was such a nice person” – even the wife beaters, frauds, child molesters – looks like everyone who died was an angel during their lives.

      They dig holes and bury the dead with hypocrisy, or so it seems – LOL.

      Luv and hugz,

  2. It reminds me that nothing is permanent, even though we might strive to make it so. I can picture a local factory that closed down and was abandoned – it dind’t take long for nature to begin the reclamation process… rather beautifully, I have to say.

    1. Thanks for this reminder, Freya. Now that you mentioned it, several decades ago, we had to vacate our village for ‘development’ by the authorities. A few months later, I returned to take one last look before the bulldozers moved in – gosh, Nature does repossess that which is hers and very quickly.

      1. Generally, you are right but in this instance, the villages of the 1950/1960s Singapore lacked many facilities – running water, electricity, proper roads, sanitation, etc. We were happy to move out and into spanking new housing estates that are the envy of many nations now.

  3. and even rust will eventually be gathered by the wind and blown away , dear Eric.

    have a peaceful day, my friend 🙂

    1. Ah, yes of course – you’ve taken it further and added another important bridge to this journey of discovery.

      Thank you, Francina dear.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Oops!

      But the rate at which you’re covering all the countries in the world – Branson better hurry up with his space shuttle – next stop the moon 🙂

  4. There is a similar truck to that found in the desert of South Australia called the “Badger” There is a history to the truck that was found. Your poem reminded me of it a rusty old truck found and bought back to life again. In 1957 the truck was abandoned and found in 1986 and bought back to life for jubilee mail run enactment in 1993. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Kruse_%28mailman%29. Anything rusty can be bought back to life. I drew memories from this haiku poem. I know the answer I gave is probably not what you wanted, but pleasant memories were drawn from your work. My Dads family were involved in this little bit os South Australian history.

    1. You can provide any response you wish – depends on what the image/haiku triggers, and not for me to say 🙂

      I read the wiki link – and your Dad’s family was involved, you say – that’s cool.

      All good wishes,

  5. Dust we all are but rust we must not or atleadt try and keep well oiled till the very end…rusting to me is a very slow painful end… just hope i leave enough good good memories around…

    1. Hello, Soma dear – your Mom said that you were busy. Well, happy to see you here 🙂

      You are right, taken in that sense, rusting can be slow and painful – arrrgh! – glad I was not born as a beam of steel.

      Peace and hugz,

  6. nice pic… did you take it ? I hope that’s not your car.

    I think that with care and attention we can preserve some things
    and that some ideas need to be carried across generations to be

    1. No, its not my car 🙂

      You’ve given another angle to this post, Bill – I love such diversity in thought as it adds to my reservoir. Since we are speaking about immortality, I sincerely hold that no human ‘foot print’ as it were, is ever lost.

      But taken at another level, yes, some things are worth preserving – many libraries, museums, oral history depositories and etc are doing an excellent job. Now, with social media – every regular joe can contribute to growing human treasure, I reckon.

      Peace, Eric

  7. We are but the tiniest spark of existence, lasting only for a brief moment, then we too turn to dust (rust). We are complex chemistry bound together by energy and life force; eventually our individual elements are freed by the passage of time. Time marches ever onward and all things eventually return to the bosum of Mother Earth.

  8. One thing came to my mind and that is: From dust I came; to dust I shall return. Sadly, I see the attack by rust as death. Love this to bits, Eric.

    1. Truly spoken, Uzo – from dust unto dust.

      Yes, rust can be viewed as death – death to what was deemed as the normal, which could have been quite abnormal, to begin with – but death, nevertheless.

      Peace, Eric

  9. Cool picture above and haiku says it all. My son-in-law can relate. He restored an old pickup truck of ours and it is a real classic, did a great job. An old Ford 67.

    1. Hello, Joyce – that’s lovely! And what is it about us guys – I love restoring old machinery, and in my case I fixed airplanes and engines. What was really cool was – I was paid to enjoy my ‘hobby’. One of these days, I would love to get my hands on an old car and restore it. Cheers, Eric

  10. This is an interesting. What I personally took from this was:
    ‘It doesn’t matter how much you ‘decorate’ yourself, try to paint on characteristics, in the end.. the real you (truth) will come through in the end.’

    1. Hello, Jessica – your first comment here, I believe. Welcome 🙂

      This is an interesting view – somewhat hinged on your recent post about ‘validation’. Yes, no matter what we do to embellish ourselves – the real you will come through the masks.

      Peace, Eric

      1. Thank you Eric for reading my ‘Validation’ piece and yes this is my first comment here.

        Yes, I thought the quote fitted perfectly with the meaning. Your post inspired me to write about something later this week.

        Thank you for posting!

        Jessa :]

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