You’ve seen the NatGeo documentaries on the fire ants. Under the bright sun, they remind me of Mongol warriors – relentless, awe inspiring.

Amazing insects and one can only imagine the terror they spread when they are on the march.

Golden Horde

I wonder if there is a lesson in this for us humans.

What do you reckon?



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  1. Do you know, someone imported Fire Ants to Texas and other parts of the American South. I don’t remember what crop pest they killed now, but some genius didn’t do their homework they have no natural enemies in America.

    I despise these terrors.

    Great view of them though, they are persistent.

    1. Fire ants too! Gosh, I didn’t know that!

      I do know some clowns imported African killer bees that are now devastating the local honey bee colonies in North America. Yes, genius alright!

      Peace, Eric

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