We heard the jokes – men think they are the boss, wives let them think it is true.

While puny humans squabble – notice the usurper?

Who is the Boss



30-word Flash Fiction (Dialogue)



      1. Good one, Eric. David Letterman once said on his show a while back, “Cats are living proof that one doesn’t need a reason to exist.” Well, that’s David for ya!

      2. Thank you Ron for your visit and comment.

        Pardon me but if I may: I don’t know in what context Letterman said that, but taken literally, I wonder how many would agree. Some Buddhist sects believe cats, or Cat People as they refer to these fur balls, have very definite reasons to be here although not neccessarily as understood/accepted by evolution or eco-system theorists. But as I mentioned in my earlier post Father > http://wp.me/p1YE83-1l6 > we have our reference points and in that sense, I heartily agree with Letterman.

        All good wishes,
        P/s I find it difficult to navigate your blog but shall return to have a go again.

      3. Eric, Letterman was poking fun, but his idea of fun, even with cats, is a little “off” anyhow, I think. Sorry about the trouble on my blog. What makes it difficult?

      4. Ron,

        No real issues with your blog other than it does not provide an avenue for ticking “Like” or posting a “Comment” – unless I am really missing something obvious there. I’m reading the synopsis/write ups of your books.

        Yes, Letterman is an act. I enjoy Jay Leno more – no particular reason other than, I like his format.

        Cheers, Eric

      5. Letterman has always been, for me, Eric, a yawn versus Leno who seems more sincere.
        I’ll check out the blog site. Maybe that’s why I’ve never gotten comments there?

  1. The greatest is always the servant of the least, whether they know it or not. I wonder if God created dogs and cats as parables for different kinds of people. Some people are spiritually like dogs, and some people are spiritually like cats, but equally beloved. The dog people and the cat people should give each other space and a little respect. But I have met people who are spiritually like crocodiles….I try to stay out of their swamps.
    We have a dog and two cats. The dog loves all other living creatures; if we are ever robbed he will conduct the thieves around the house himself, wagging. The cats stare as if, were you a bit smaller, you would be their next meal; they love us like inconvenient food.

    1. Hello Carroll,

      That’s an interesting take on “dog people” and “cat people” traits and spirituality – I think you have something there. The “spiritual crocodiles” – very true and is all too prevalent in our society, I’m afraid. Although in real life, crocodiles, like cats and dogs, play an important part in our eco-system.

      LOL, I like what you say about your dog and two cats.

      All good wishes, Eric

  2. That is so true. I read something before and don’t remember the author, but it goes like this: “We feed dogs and they believe we are gods. We feed cats and they know they are gods.”

    Great poem.

  3. There were a few ‘serious’ comments that sprang to mind here, but that is not the ‘feel’ of your haiku…and Steve’s comment on why men may drink made me laugh out loud…good one Eric….you are prolific right now and it’s all good stuff my lovely buddy…big hugs Xx

    1. Hello Jane 🙂

      Yes, this was not meant to be “serious” but typical Eric – there is a serious undertow if we want to read it as such. I like Steve’s comment too. Done for the day, just returned from the gym – and will have a drink in a shortwhile, while I laze and drive Lisa up the wall. Decided to stay in for the evening.

      Luv and hugz for a buddy,

      1. Have a lovely time and I am sure you won’t be driving Liza up the wall…Steve and I have connected thanks to the comment on your blog. I love this global village of ours, full of magic. Happy evening to you my lovely buddy xx

  4. Thank you so much, Eric. And you know what? I think I will do just that.
    Take care, and thank you for the kind words. Very much appreciated. Bon soir.

  5. It’s an “and” world. Generally, men lead the way, for they are “big picture” creatures, while women tend to the execution of the details, and in doing so, gain a lot of control. Just some thoughts on this haiku, Eric. Peace, Dee

    1. You are right, Dee – it is an “and” world and not an “either or”. The haiku was more a tease.

      It is interesting that you mention “big picture” vs “details” because, on a more sombre note, that was what led to this haiku.

      We met a couple who quarrelled over domestic chores – but she was happy to indulge her cats, and he his huge dog. But when it came to sharing domestic chores, both had “no time”. Made me wonder.

      Peace, Eric

  6. How utterly true, Eric. I smiled at the gist of your haiku. I’ll have to ponder my own, and come up with something soon. It is a great exercise in contraction, yet one filled with much poignancy. And thank you for liking my blog. I appreciate it. Take care.

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