1. Great Haiku – provocative as always. Did you ever read Kipling’s “The Cat that Walked by Himself”. It that story there is little doubt that the woman is boss but the cat manipulates for his independence and in a conniving way strikes a bargain with the woman but not with the man or the dog. Chuckling, Jane

    1. Thank you, Jane.

      Obviously, “The Cat” in Kipling’s knew who the boss was he had to strike the deal with 🙂

      Have a great weekend,
      (You probably noticed that I don’t subscribe to Churchill’s views on prepositions)

    1. And I thought you would comment on the cats and dogs 🙂

      Share a small observation with you. In the 1970s while western women were burining bras and agitating for their “rights” – I saw the Asian women in Singapore having a good laugh. They “let” their men walk in front.

      As far as home and hearth is concerned, I grew up knowing my place 😀

  2. I’ll take the dog anytime and give up the position of “boss”. A carefree mind and love is more fun !!!

  3. Reminds me of that movie “Big Fat Greek Wedding.” The mother is giving pre-marriage advice to her daughter. She said, “The man is head of the home, but the woman is the neck and she turns the head!” LOL

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