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Image PROMPT for this week’s 55-word challenge is > LIGHTHOUSE

Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper

Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper

The first piece is titled Lighthouse – yes I know, quite innovative!


In the old days, a lass was a young female, woman of the fairer gender. We don’t say ‘sex’ – that would be so un-Victorian! I wonder how that term ‘cutlass’ came about.


Many assume that ships were lost at sea due to bad weather and those lost near shore, smashed into rocks. Probably true – and we also assume this is the work of nature.

The Triangle

All dark, I’m afraid. I hope your springs bubble forth with more light. I welcome and would love to read your 55-word contributions.

Some guidelines:

1. Your contributions can be in prose or verse.

2. Please do make it count exactly 55 words (excluding the title, if any).

3. Your contribution does not have to include my title > LIGHTHOUSE > rather, please draw off the Image, let your imagination sail. 

If you can leave your contributions in the Comments below, I shall be happy to post them in a Gallery on 30 April, giving you full credit and with a link back to your blog…

Many thanks :-)


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