Image PROMPT for this week’s 55-word challenge is > LIGHTHOUSE

Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper
Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper

The first piece is titled Lighthouse – yes I know, quite innovative!


In the old days, a lass was a young female, woman of the fairer gender. We don’t say ‘sex’ – that would be so un-Victorian! I wonder how that term ‘cutlass’ came about.


Many assume that ships were lost at sea due to bad weather and those lost near shore, smashed into rocks. Probably true – and we also assume this is the work of nature.

The Triangle

All dark, I’m afraid. I hope your springs bubble forth with more light. I welcome and would love to read your 55-word contributions.

Some guidelines:

1. Your contributions can be in prose or verse.

2. Please do make it count exactly 55 words (excluding the title, if any).

3. Your contribution does not have to include my title > LIGHTHOUSE > rather, please draw off the Image, let your imagination sail. 

If you can leave your contributions in the Comments below, I shall be happy to post them in a Gallery on 30 April, giving you full credit and with a link back to your blog…

Many thanks :-)


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  1. Hi, Eric. Am I too late? Just got home from work after a grueling 12-hour day. I had this mostly written this morning before leaving for work. Great picture prompt! I enjoyed your trio. Thanks so much, Peg.


    Rays of light beckoned,
    Barely penetrated
    Fog shrouding my mind.
    The storm of his anger
    Raged on, threatening
    Our ship and all on board
    With great gnashing words,
    Thundering, us apart.
    Moaning winds lashed
    My cheeks with tears
    Until a whisper slipped through,
    Riding upon light:
    “Step out on the water;
    Come unto me, child.”

    1. No my dear, you’re not late. I usually set aside about 10 days so that everyone can take their time.

      A 12-hour shift – that is gruelling indeed.

      Peg – those last two lines gave me goose pimples. So very lovely. Much better than any I wrote. Thank you, Eric 🙂

  2. Eric, It is now the exact 55 words. I dropped the title, just in case that was a hindrance. These pieces with exact word count create quite a challenge, but fun.

    Waves buck, lashing the sides.
    Storm clouds roll in, dumping rain.
    Lightning strikes.
    No radio contact.
    Did they get my SOS?
    Where is the shore?
    Darkness prevails.
    Rocks rising up from
    out of the deep, black sea.
    I can’t see them. I feel them,
    scraping across the hold.
    A cone shaped light emerges.
    The lighthouse.

    1. Excellent, Joyce 🙂

      The image gives some leeway but the specific word count throws up a challenge, yes. I’ll retain the title if its okay by you – its not a hindrance.

      Peace, Eric

  3. Thanks Eric, I was not sure about that exact number count. Yes, I am going to revise just a bit to reach the 55 mark, and I shall return soon to the tempest storm. 🙂

    1. Thank you dear – very glad you’re taking it in the right spirit. See you back 🙂

      P/s I envy you – just 30 minutes away and all that wonderful nature. Wow!

  4. The picture is brilliant and evokes a feeling of hope and despair! Your version s of the image are absolutely brilliant and different from one another…as usual you create different imagery with the same image.
    My lines would be this for the prompt:

    Fleeting ship moves
    in the storm of raging fears,
    ship of life quivers,
    The belief becomes shaky and wavers…
    how to escape the unknown tempest,
    what to hold onto in the darkest,…
    When the last thread of hope breaks,
    knowledge dissolves in the rage,
    a twinkling light flashes then,
    A lighthouse protects in the dark

  5. Thank you, Eric again for the prompt, cool photo and opportunity. Here is mine at 54 words.

    Waves buck, lashing the sides.
    Storm clouds, rolling in.
    Lightning strikes.
    No radio contact.
    Did they get my SOS?
    Where is the shore?
    Darkness prevails.
    Rocks rising up from
    out of the deep, black sea.
    I can’t see them. I feel them,
    scraping the hold, breaking.
    A cone shaped light emerges.
    The lighthouse.


    1. Hello Joyce,

      Welcome back 🙂

      Love this but there is a “but”. It comes to 53 words – title does not count and needs to be exactly 55. Any chance you can tweak it a little?

      Peace, Eric

  6. Dear Brother Eric,

    Please consider my contribution as follows 🙂
    Lighthouse, lighthouse
    I’m the lighthouse
    Yes, I’m the lighthouse now.
    I need to shine
    To shine brightly
    To let the lost ships to cry out to me.
    My light switches on
    Switches on all the time
    HEY, lost ships
    Where are you?!
    Shout to me!
    I’m right here!
    Rays of light
    Found the lost ships.

    How do you feel? 😉
    Your title and content arouse my these inspirations and I feel so alive 😀

    Yoshiko 😉

    1. Here is another cute one from you, Yoshiko. What do I mean by “cute” – it sings with child-like innocence and joy.

      Glad that the dark image evoked such light and joy 🙂

      Thank you for sharing,

      1. Thank you, Eric

        I don’t know how my work evokes such feelings to you.

        Thank you for your compliment 🙂


    1. Thank you Paul – you’re kind when you say “sang”. As everyone knows, I can’t sing to save my life – but your compliment taken 🙂

  7. I really liked the second one! Very intriguing!

    Here is mine! It was really fun to write, and I hope you like it (and I hope you pick me..) lol

    The violent ocean waves had tossed our tiny boat around for the past week. Lives were lost, our food was gone, and hope was dwindling. I thought we’d never escape that country, but we did. Now, I fear we won’t make it to America. Hope returned, however, when I saw the glow from the lighthouse.

    1. I like this “positive” take amidst all the dark themes I wrote on.

      Thank you and I’ll definitely include yours in the Gallery 🙂

      Cheers, Eric

  8. Hi Eric,

    My effort.

    Title – Fishing in Galway Bay.

    Once upon a time while visiting the West of Ireland
    I jumped aboard a Galway Hooker
    Did I hear a sharp intake of breath?
    Allow me to explain
    The galway Hooker is a fishing baot
    Well don’t be I had a most enjoyable time
    Came back ashore with my catch
    Enjoyed the Guinness later.


    1. Always great to wrap it off with a Guiness I reckon 🙂

      Thank you Chris, for joining. Good one!

      Peace, Eric
      P/s I’ll fix the typos – “baot” to “boat” and “galway” to “Galway” – unless you had a reason for this, which I missed.

      1. Thanks Eric, must have been the Guinness – always find something else to blame typo errors on bar yourself – feel free to correct thanks again.

  9. I love these prompts Eric, they really make me stretch my brain a bit. No light here I’m afraid. I’ll call this Sea Serpent’s Wrath.

    Scaly coils curled around the ships form
    Wood splinters beneath its furious strength
    The men scramble and flee in panic
    Hindered by glassy-eyed corpses of lost crew-mates
    Already taken by dragon rage
    A light beckons in the distance
    Safety just barely out of reach
    They dared venture into the unknown
    Now they pay the price

    1. Hello and welcome back Jessica 🙂

      Sea Serpent’s Wrath – what a complete story you weaved. Good one and I enjoyed it so much.

      — Eric —

  10. Wonderful stories. I love them. Here’s my attempt.

    With the storm raging, the crew scanned the horizon for signs of light and hope, seeing neither. The captain so sure he had set the correct course didn’t realize he was fifty miles west of the lighthouse and safe harbor. The great wave came crashing across the bow driving the ship to the sea’s depths.

  11. I thought I’d have a go at this one, Eric. It’s called “Bemused:”

    “Captain! We’re dangerously close!”
    *Aye, it’s always the same, ain’t it?* he thinks, striding out on deck.
    The colours of the reef are dazzling.
    “Drop the mizzen! Hard to starboard!” he screams.
    Returning to his cabin he gazes at the painting once more.
    *Why is there always a bolt of lightning next to the lighthouse?*


  12. Loved them all yet lighthouse was the one I liked the most. I love your Gifts of expression and the way you artfully use words Eric. Thank you for choosing to share them in so many ways.


    1. You are very kind Joe with your shower of praises. Glad that you loved them all. I can see the attraction Ligthouse holds as it shows man’s unselfish service to help his fellow man while risking his own saftey —

      Peace, Eric

  13. Like the first one the most. Pls find my contribution below:

    The young ship captain
    sees no lighthouse, rescue still far away,
    The Cormorant his only saviour
    in the mighty dark sea.
    He pauses when it stops,
    and moves when it takes off,
    Its white head plumage, his shining star,
    in the gloomy night
    All fifty human lives in the ship
    clinging to the sea raven

    1. Hello Padmini,
      First one with the contribution and lovely too – how precarious life, how desperate man’s hope.
      Thank you for joining. Much appreciate this,

  14. I got stuck right at the beginning with the word “lass” … have fond memories from some 30 years ago … just immigrated to Canada … totally lost and cleaning rich people’s toilets … the lady of the house approached me asking how I was doing and she called me “Lassie” … I remember bursting into tears … homesick lassie in some rich people’s bathroom … how pathetic, eh … Bless you, Mrs. Veronica Waller (RIP) for blessing me that day.

    1. Yes, Cat – that word is seldom heard now, I reckon.

      Sounds like you had it rough. Many of us went through difficult times but I always believe He never gives us a burden we can’t bear.

      Peace and blessings,

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