Image PROMPT for this week’s 55-word challenge is > LIGHTHOUSE

Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper
Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper

The first piece is titled Lighthouse – yes I know, quite innovative!


In the old days, a lass was a young female, woman of the fairer gender. We don’t say ‘sex’ – that would be so un-Victorian! I wonder how that term ‘cutlass’ came about.


Many assume that ships were lost at sea due to bad weather and those lost near shore, smashed into rocks. Probably true – and we also assume this is the work of nature.

The Triangle

All dark, I’m afraid. I hope your springs bubble forth with more light. I welcome and would love to read your 55-word contributions.

Some guidelines:

1. Your contributions can be in prose or verse.

2. Please do make it count exactly 55 words (excluding the title, if any).

3. Your contribution does not have to include my title > LIGHTHOUSE > rather, please draw off the Image, let your imagination sail. 

If you can leave your contributions in the Comments below, I shall be happy to post them in a Gallery on 30 April, giving you full credit and with a link back to your blog…

Many thanks :-)


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  1. Hi Eric,

    Back for a second time:


    I was born into an evil age
    An age where evil had been disguised as good
    For many years I was lost, roaming, deceived by countless waves of lies
    Before I had known who I was I had found myself heading for certain death
    Desperation gripped me – but then I saw that Light
    Everything changed

    Thanks again.

    1. Welcome back Ben and what a journey of self discovery, and the title – superb!

      Your contrinution will certainly enhance the gallery.

      All good wishes, Eric

  2. Just a little darkness today, but I’ve been meaning to get here to check your place out properly, so I thought I’d add a little something for the visit.

    Lone be the failed Cape Beacon,
    Where the Sophia-jane rests broken mid-ships, upon the ancient spit,
    Sails torn before the beacon’s shadow, crescent moon so lit,
    Can you hear their calls,
    For the tide is high upon the lighthouse,
    Where the rescue launch broke free,
    While the tempest stakes its claim on life and liberty.

  3. Hi Eric.

    Great post. Thanks

    My scribbling

    The Gods At Play

    The storm rages like the fury of a jilted Zeus or Poseidon
    Do the gods play or war? I’m lost, scared, disheartened.
    We ride a bottomless sea, Hades waits patiently.
    In despair I look, and I see a light piercing through my darkness
    Not today will we be asked to pay our debts to Charon

  4. How exciting, sir. You have a lot of entries now. I’m new here and its my first time so please bear with me. I hope I am able to shift the reader’s perspective of the image with this one.

    The captain roared as he drew his sinful blade
    clash of steel in symphony with the thunders above.
    “Bring her to the lighthouse I say! The lighthouse!”
    But the crew had abandoned him,
    all merciless as the anger of Poseidon.
    In the brig, the captain was thrown,
    For only he sights the deadly mirage.

    1. Hello Audrey (am I right) and the last name is Alagos?

      Yes, we do have a lot of entries and there is always room for more 🙂 Welcome aboard and don’t worry about anything. Most of us are amateurs and help each other along.

      And what a perspective you bring! That last line!

      Will be proud to display your work in the Gallery.

      All good wishes,

  5. A little late to the party, but here is my lighthouse contribution. These are something I grew up with and love them dearly.

    This ghastly storm rages on
    Neither sickness nor fear of watery grave deters
    us from reaching dry land
    Captain and crew give trust to you O’ lady
    Stoic lookout with the guiding light
    Embracing us to lead us home
    Lighthouse, our lover with your promise of safety
    We put our lives in your welcoming hands

    Thank you Eric, I really enjoy these prompts.

    1. You not late Dominic – I usually set aside about 10 days after posting, to give everyone some time.

      Very pleased indeed that you could join in again.

      Have a great weekend ahead,

  6. it seems Lighthouse has stirred many emotions and inspired many hearts, Eric…. I enjoyed reading your poems too… I’ve tried to compose something and am adding it now…
    The Sailing Ship fought bravely forward,
    the whole crew solid to every last man,
    all cursing heartily at the merciless waves,
    whilst praying to still be a part in Gods plan.
    Suddenly the crows nest shout was heard
    ‘Longships Lighthouse bearing dead ahead’
    The helmsman battled, changing their course,
    where calmer waters made welcome instead.

    Hope you and yours have a great weekend.. xPenx
    ps. I’ve added a link to Longships Lighthouse… It’s near Lands End, Cornwall in the UK xx

  7. Hmm… I wonder where the cutlass is aiming at – the mutual friend or wife ?? Feels like there is a twist to someone’s fate. This post draws me most. I also like the stunning image you chose, great shot of the lightning.

    1. Good question – is that friend in Port-au-Prince alive? Is the wife next?

      Thank you Jasey for your visit and comment. Have a great weekend.

      Luv and hugz, Eric

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