Today’s 33-word Flash Fiction prompt word is > GUTTER


Hope you liked it.


You are all invited to come up with your own 33-word flash-fiction, using the prompt GUTTER.


1. Your contribution can be prose or verse.

2. It can have less than 33 words but please do not exceed 33 words.

3. Please include the word ‘gutter’ in the body of your contribution.

You are welcome to contribute more than one version, if you wish. As usual, please post your contribution(s) in the “Comments” below. Contributions close on 12 April.

I shall collate and publish your contributions in a Flash-Fiction Gallery on 16 April with full credit and links to your blogs.


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Thank you for taking part in the Gallery and here is wishing you a great day.



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  1. Hi Eric, thanks for liking my blog. I’ve had a good look round yours now and think its great – you have a lot of interesting stuff on here so I’m looking forward to following you. Anyway, here’s my shot at your flash fiction prompt:

    They float off silently, without protest, having lost a long drawn out battle. I briefly acknowledge their departure then turn away as the last of my dreams and aspirations disappear down the gutter.

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment.

      Your contribution is interesting but regretfully, I have to decline as it is past the deadline – 10 days from publishing the Prompt. Though I try to accommodate, in this case the Gallery is scheduled for tomorrow and I simply don’t have the time, etc. Regulars are aware of this 10-day deadline and perhaps I should highlight this more prominently and shall do so in my next Prompt.

      Please do look out for the next prompt on Thursday 18 April and hopefully you can join.

      All good wishes, Eric

  2. why did the gutter seem to call to me?
    was it where i found myself most comfortable in the past?
    impossible to go any lower.
    unless it was to a final resting place.

  3. Gutter

    Upon the deck,
    Wine in hand,
    A flutter
    In the eaves;
    A sparrow peers
    From gutter with
    Twig in beak;
    Tiny eyes
    Stem of glass
    With a slight
    Inquisitive nod.

  4. My contribution – Also, thanks for the like Eric. Great blog here.

    Brown curly hair and a smile to remember for later
    Cotton covered skin, silky and smooth
    My thirty-something teacher busted with confidence
    I need to get my mind out of the gutter

  5. My first name is also Joyce, so please do not confuse me with the other one above. Here is my contribution below for the 33 word prompt, ‘Gutter’ for flash fiction. Thanks for the challenge, Eric. It is exactly 33 words.
    Joyce E. Johnson

    She stood over the gutter
    watching it disappear.
    Her marriage: dissolved,
    an illusion, a lie,
    like the tarnished gold band
    rushing the open drain,
    swirling in dirty water.
    Gone, like him, now vanished..

    1. Not to worry Joyce – I usually credit to person’s name and blog name.

      So very lovely of you to join our little group.

      Your theme is unfortunately an all too familiar occurrence. You captured the despondency well.

      Peace, Eric

  6. Against the cold wind
    He huddles in his worn flak jacket
    Invisible, on the busy street
    Folding paper boats for donations
    A skill learned in distant lands
    He floats them in the gutter

  7. Ashamed of what I’ve washed down the gutter
    My conscience runs from a bottle
    Washed from my hands
    The glass goes down
    Clean where I stand
    The price isn’t paid where I am

  8. Your posting – oh what a sad sight and the drinks does not help at all, unfortunately that is the first thing most people go for hoping to alleviate their sorrow. Maybe crying is a better option, at least its free.

    In a country where there is scarcity of water, we always rely on recycling yet I always have this nagging doubt about the origin of our water, more so when we have new types of diseases.

    What swims down the gutter?
    Sewerage and unmentionables
    The water extracted, recycled
    Purportedly for cleaning
    And toilet flushing
    So what is this I hear
    Capped as drinking water?
    The much hyped Newater?

    1. I think the only people drinking bottled Newater now are the people promoting it. But as you know, they are mixing it in the reservoirs – more palatable, I reckon. I like that Urrgghh! 🙂

      Crying is very helpful as you know. I posted about it once >

  9. Since so many of your responses mention trash in gutters whether those at the roof eaves or in the streets so I thought that I’d grace it with a 32 word gutter limerick?

    The messy old people of Hutter
    Had trash clogging up their gutter.
    They were far, far too mean
    To shell out for a clean;
    So they had to live with the clutter.

  10. Droplets fell heavily, reverberating on the car roof like timpani. As traffic crawled to stasis, she observed the slick, brown and orange stars overflowing from the gutter and knew that summer was over.

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