As Good Friday approaches, I decided to share this thought and small incident.

Considering who He is, He epitomizes humility.


A few years ago, when Lisa and I met her godparents at a parking lot, we wanted their blessing. Katherine is Irish and John a Singaporean Chinese, but they had settled in the USA decades ago and were visiting Singapore. Instinctively, Lisa and I went down on our knees and it blew their mind, what with people and cars passing. For us, it was a natural position to receive blessings from our parents.

This is not extraordinary, as in many cultures, it is customary to bow low and to even touch forehead to earth – yes, in this day and age.

Whatever our Faith and how-so-ever we address Him, it matters not,

But only that we pray and never forget our “roots” and He who nourishes us.

A dialogue between Father and Son.


No Post Tomorrow & Saturday – Good Friday prayers, meditation & reflection

Happy Easter Sunday to All who celebrate

Monday 1st April – “BLOG PICK for APRIL”.



  1. Beautiful words and thoughts the post about you and your wife receiving a blessing and the two insets to your post. I wish you a Happy and truly Blessed Easter xxx

    1. Hello Jane buddy,

      Wishing you and yours a lovely long weekend and all things good for this Easter and beyond, too.

      Much luv and hugz coming your way,
      Eric 😀

  2. Whenever we left the house my mother would say, “Go with god.” We would answer, “Be with God.” to her. Back then we spoke Polish.

    1. That’s lovely Ron and something worth holding on to, I reckon.

      People of many cultures/languages have something similar – but fast dying off. Now, if one receives a grunt – that’s something.

  3. dust of the ground
    he smudges on his forehead,
    for the soil had the
    blessings of the
    and noble saints!

    Happy Easter Eric!

    1. sorry forgot! The post and the haiku inspired these lines! Thanks for writing such wonderful ones,which instantly touch the core

      1. Yes, I know and no need to feel so anxious 🙂

        Incidentally, I’ve some news for you – this comment of yours marks the 10,000th comment my blog received – can you believe that! You just celebrated your 10K not too long ago, I recall.

    2. This is lovely Soumya – all the more as I know it was so spontaneous. Thank you and I will treasure this.

      I believe you are celebrating Holi tomorrow – have fun 🙂

      — Eric —

  4. I think it’s a good custom. There is too little respect for parents in today’s world and look at the mess the world is in. The ancients had a similar custom when a student greeted his tutor.

    1. Can’t agree with you more Ian.

      I’m all for children having freedom of choice, expressing opinions, etc – I reckon we can do all of this and yet maintain some “respect”
      Of course, this is slippery ground as we have varied ideas of what constitutes “adequate respect” – so, to each his/her own it seems

      All the best for the weekend,

  5. Touching and very in character.
    Enjoy your risen Lord on Sunday. May the day touch your lives as much as you touch the lives of others!

    1. Soma dear,

      This is for you 🙂

      He went looking for his roots,
      digging up potatoes, tapiocas and carrots too.
      A bunny he was not and eggs he did not like.
      All he wanted was to find some roots to nibble and chew.
      Guess who he is and perhaps we can all join him too.
      If you thought it was a panda, a bandicoot or even a groundhog –
      well, I don’t have a clue.
      I made this up, influenced by a friend I know 😆

      All good wishes, Eric

  6. A very touching and beautiful act indeed which I believe will always remain in the memories of the receiver and the blesser.
    Happy Easter !! I’ll join the hopping bunny to hunt for Easter eggs..LOL.

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