The Prompt Image was a Coffee Cup.

Okay, there might have been tea, cocoa or even whisky 😀 in it, but you get the picture (pun intended).

I received no less than ten (10) contributions! Everyone, spot on 55 words!

Not in any discernible order. Please take a tour and enjoy.

Here we come across an intriguing offering by Ariel blogging as THOUGHT BUBBLE

Ariel_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

Next up, as many of us know, they are intent on taking over the world. Fortunately, Blackrose blogging as BLACKROSE has found a cure.

Blackrose_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

Our lovely Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld said it all and I did not see her lips move 🙂

Jane Stansfeld_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

I posted this from a bygone era as a response to a comment from Saymber:

EA_Low Noon_55W_3_in_1_FF Gallery

Jasey who does not blog (hint!) mixed the “corporeal” with the “ethereal” 🙂

Jasey_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

My buddy Jane Thorne blogging as JANE THORNE, recently moved into her new place. Looks like she is settling in quite well.

Jane Thorne_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

Madhu blogging as The Urge to Wander mixes her passion for travel, photography and prose. Pay her a visit and take a virtual tour to exotic places as she provides sound bites of backstory.

Madhu_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

Many of you know nightlake blogging as call2read, she is my Blog Pick for March 2013.

Padmini_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

It is alway nice to have a “smart one” in the house. Saymber blogging as SAYMBERBLONDI.

Saymber_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

The next contribution from lovely Soumya blogging as SOUMYAV. She has published several poetry anthologies.

Soumya_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

One from Yoshiko blogging as Daylight Tune. A new mother, she blogs from her heart about God and Christianity

Yoshiko_55W_Coffee Cup_FF Gallery

It is always amazing to put up one picture and see the streams of creativity gush forth. When all confluence at a single spot, they provide a One-Stop-Source of enjoyment and inspiration.

All of you inspired me so much that it triggered my need for a cuppa – or three:

EA_FineDining_55W_3_in_1_FF Gallery

Suitably fortified, let’s plunge into some heavy stuff. When we point one finger, three point back – not my words but pointedly true, I reckon. Pun 🙂

Even when we are angry and ball a fist, be like the thumb, look down with humility – pause, think, for sometimes, we are no better.

EA_Checkerboard_55W_3_in_1_FF Gallery

And let’s wrap up this visit to the Gallery with something dear to most of us.

EA_Family_55W_3_in_1_FF Gallery

We hope you enjoyed this visit. You are invited to join in the next one. You will notice that all my commenters are very polite and supportive of each other, so, don’t be shy or anxious.

I shall return tomorrow with a new Image Prompt, a 55-word Flash Fiction and some guidelines on how you can showcase and share your talent.


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Tom 55 WFF_Post End



  1. Oh, Eric, these are all wonderful; it is really hard to choose a favorite, but one phrase that made me chuckle was “Mi Gasolina!” Thanks for sharing; I really enjoyed all of them! 🙂

    1. Hello Val,

      The third cup! I recall there are many more cups in the pipeline.

      Glad to share the cheer and the yellow, hope it reminds one of bright sunshine.

      Cheers, Eric

    1. Well Soma dearest,

      They are so imaginative – almost made me a coffee drinker 😆

      Wait till next week when I put up your contribution – what great fun I had reading it.

  2. I, and I am sure all the others, are touched that you have taken the time to do this my lovely buddy…so humbling to be part of what you do. Big hugs and gratitude 🙂 Xx

    1. Jane dear,

      It is my pleasure and much appreciate that, with all that is happening in your life, you set aside time to support a buddy.

      Much luv and many hugz coming your way,
      Eric 😀

  3. Each are amazing in their own right… but Low Noon, Wow!!… takes the biscuit… Made me want to reach for the coffee cup and down it in one… 🙂 xPenx

    1. Awwh, that’s so lovely Penny 🙂

      One of my regular readers, Jasey, always teases that my writings are so dark/heavy – so, I took another stab at something fun. Here’s is an earlier attempt >

      What a varied and engaging offering huh? I read and re read them several times.

      Thank you for your visit and comment,
      P/s love that recent one about pennies from heaven.

  4. Reblogged this on Yoshiko and commented:

    It is fun and interesting to read about the works of 55-word Flash Fiction Gallery – Coffee Cup compiled by Eric Alagan and some written by himself. Besides that, I also feel so excited for Eric to publish the first of my participation in his 55-word Flash Fiction Gallery – Coffee Cup. Hope you all enjoy and follow him for his interesting writings and schedules. 🙂

    1. This is so sweet of you Yoshiko 🙂

      You humble me with your love and support.

      I found your contribution unique as you took the reader down and down with you to the end, in such an earthy fashion. It was beautiful and unpretentious.

      Peace and blessings,

      1. Eric,
        You also humble me with your love and support also in reading my poetry, starting poetry.
        Thank you for your compliment also and to accept my participation.

        May God’s peace and blessings be upon you,

  5. I enjoyed these with my morning cup of Tim Hortons, and I must say, they made today’s first hour seem a little less routine.
    I think my coffee ritual needs warming up—
    Thanks for the stimulation!

    1. Hello Troy,

      First comment from you, I see. Many thanks. As you probably gathered, I’m receiving your updates too.

      Glad this Gallery compliments your morning cuppa.

      All good wishes,

  6. Quality entertainment all round with ‘Low Noon’ at the finish line by half a nostril. Well done all and aggregator.

    1. Ah, thank you Mike.

      I like that description – “entertainment”. Much appreciate that.

      There are many sites providing “prompts” and “challenges” and some readers find it a chore clicking in/out to read several blogs. Here, we have a One-Stop Source and makes it easier to relish the variances. Moreover, if a particular piece impresses, readers can click through to the blog to relish more.

      Have a good one,

    1. Hello Uzo,

      I merely provide the platform and you’re right – we do have a talented group here.
      Perhaps you can join – try your hand in the next one.

      Peace, Eric

  7. Lovely contributions and intelligent too! Your conclusion in different ways made it more interesting ! Love your concept Eric! It makes people join and get inspired!

  8. All you need is a cuppa of steaming coffee and see how the grey cells activate. I should be in the coffee business, I can be rich and also bring inspiration to people in all walks of life across the continent..LOL.

    Everyone thinks and write differently of their “yearn” for this “killer” coffee!!. But what an enjoyable read.

    I saw my entry (am gleeful as usual), thank you.

    1. Okay Jasey – coffee business it is 🙂 Will I receive FOM (friend of management) discounts?

      I agree this was a lovely tour/read.

      Thank you for your contribution and hope you can join in tomorrow’s as well.

      Luv and hugz,

  9. Eric, all are very well done graphically. I like it so I would like to reblog this if you don’t mind 🙂

  10. They are all so very well done that it is very difficult to choose a favourite. All of them are unique. Thanks so much for posting my write-up

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