My Saturday haiku – a lead to the Fallen Grace installment tomorrow.

We are safer with a known enemy than an unknown friend.

*Hognose – a snake whose primary defence mechanism is to “play dead”. Called a hognose due to its upturned snout – that gives it a (almost) smile. It is non-poisonous —

— unlike many snakes.

The Lure

I believe you’ve discerned all the threads that snaked and weaved this one.

You are invited to join Daniel tomorrow when he meets the Smiling One.





  1. I google the hognose as you suggested. They have beautiful prints and yes, they do have a smiling face with a snout like a duck bill. The anacondas is just hugh and ugly. I suppose humans depict both at the same time…LOL.

  2. Never heard of a “smiling” snake but metaphorically there should be many of such – the hidden charm.
    Your haiku always say the least words with multiple meanings and interpretations.

    1. I have seen pictures of snakes – especially of anacondas – that at first glance, seem to smile. Google the hognose. Scary.

      Well, my dear that is the beauty of the haiku.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Hello and welcome aboard 🙂

      My haiku do not follow the “traditional” themes but do adhere to the 5-7-5.

      Thank you for the visit, comment and “follow”.

    1. You know what, Max – I’m probably among the handful on this planet who has not read a single Harry Potter book and nor have I sat through a complete movie spin-off – not one. Something about the storyline – it simply turns me off. So, you are better informed than I.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s The same thing goes for that 50 shades of whatever – the synopsis was enough for me to trash it. I must be weird – especially about the Harry Potter thingy.

    1. Hello Noeleen,

      Spoken like a mother 🙂

      Hope to have you return tomorrow when Daniel meets a rather XXXX guy > Samuel. No adjectives, as I don’t want to give anything away.

      Peace, Eric

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