Some believe this is the World of Illusion and yearn to live in the World of Reality. Others believe dreams are travels to the Astral…where we seek counsel and guidance from a “Guide” or “God” with our daily living.

Dreams…are these practices to perfect dying or to perfect living.

What do you believe?


The Fallen Grace series delve into this theme.



  1. Thank you so much for warm welcome to your beautiful blog! Its really so nice of you to follow my blog. It is always encouraging and act as a motivator when experienced and learned person like you leave valuable words behind. I really like your vision on growth…”.I savour their rich thoughts, add to my reservoir and grow”. Thanks once again….

  2. This is my first visit to your blog and I am really enjoying reading posts! Thought provoking poems. Right now I am thinking about this riddle…hope to find an answer. We live in a society with different belief system…and this makes all the things more complicated to understand.To know the answers one should follow his/her heart. What is real for one person can be only a illusion to other.


    1. Welcome aboard, Rachna,

      Appreciate the ‘follow’ and I’ve just visited your blog and am doing likewise 🙂

      As a person who dabbles in words, I try to hold up a mirror. Readers look in and discover wondrous aspects about themselves. As a result, some leave behind their comments which borrow from their life experiences and reference points.

      I savour their rich thoughts, add to my reservoir and grow.

      All you say is true – about Reality and Illusion – that is the beauty. No one is wrong per se, I reckon.

      All good wishes,

  3. Eric, back again,lol. I wrote this awhile back and forgot about it. (it is on my blog I think,lol. Anyway this is on Sleep.

    The Sleep Robber
    It comes at night so you can’t sleep
    It wants your mind for it to keep
    It takes control without you inviting it in
    You close your eyes but you know it will win

    Make a point of thought so deep
    It comes at night when you can’t sleep
    You try a good thought in your mind
    But it always comes is the truth you find

    It took what it came for, leaving you drained
    It definitely can cause you to be a bit insane
    It comes at night when you can’t sleep
    It does not walk in it just does creep

    Nothing worked try as you may
    A rude reality, suddenly it is day
    It did not walk in it did creep
    It comes at night when you can’t sleep

    1. Hello Linda,

      And indeed you returned and carrying such a marvellous gift 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed this poem. What a wow! it gave me.

      Truly appreciate this sharing.

      Peace and luv,

  4. Thought-provoking, certainly. What about when you can’t sleep, are you busy in someone else’s dream? Thanks for dropping by and liking my post. Be well.

    1. Thank you dear, for your visit.

      “…What about when you can’t sleep, are you busy in someone else’s dream?…”

      That is a very good question – not many, in fact you are the first to pose this question in my blog. I’ve answered most of it in my Fallen Grace series. If you have the time, please do check this out >

      All good wishes,
      P/s I’ve ticked to “follow” and shall drop by your blog again 🙂

    2. I looked up your question and found one possible answer several instalments away in Fallen Grace – so, instead of having you wait for a few weeks, I summarise below:

      As I replied to an earlier comment here, a few seconds in the astral could be a few hours or days of earth time – confusing yes, and this is a topic for rich discussion.

      Even when we think we cannot sleep and are “wide awake” we actually doze off a few seconds.

      What all can occur in those few seconds — in the Astral.

      Time as we know it on the Third, is a mechanical construct. In the Astral, with parrallel worlds – time is not a straight line occurrence.

      Hope this helps.

      Peace, Eric

  5. I haven’t stopped to think, but now I realise that when the time comes to sleep, I have some kind of ritual to it, a preparation. I tend to surrender to sleep because I love every minute of my day awake. But of course once the time I am so exhausted arrives, I value sleep to recharge myself, and I feel brand new again the following day. SLEEP Where would we be without it… 🙂

    1. Hello Malena,

      I’m sure you treasure a good night’s sleep, and the rest, that comes with it. I do.

      Like you, I wake up fully invigorated to face the world again.

      Thank you for your visit and comment – all appreciated.

      All good wishes,
      P/s I enjoyed your poem A Dominant Eye – that cat sure surveys his realm with a regal disdain 🙂 anyway, that’s how it came across for me

      1. It’s interesting because I have to read my poems again and again to explain them, and they reach new meaning every time I try. I could fulfill this analogy with my dreams and experience with sleep. The open ended essence is what I find appealing, and no matter what happened that day, the following day will always be new. 🙂 So you are most welcome to comment on my poem because you can never be wrong. 🙂

      2. That is the essence of poetry – it grows with us and we draw ever changing perspectives from the woven words.

        I craft my poems to be as tangential as possible – so that all look, but each takes away something different.

        Peace, Eric
        P/s I am “following” your blog and shall drop over again and hopefully, have something worthwile to contribute to the “Comments”

      3. Wonderful! Thank you, I enjoy and look forward to your comments- thank you for following! I agree, I like tangible… like, life, if it is fixed, we have no where to move, I think.. and it is what may bring frustration and sadness, especially when one looks towards change and improvement. Sorry to go on a tangent. Peace in return, Maria

  6. ‘To sleep perchance to dream’ The correspondence between the two states of consciousness is a highly important mechanism for us to work out how we live. We are here to live in wakeful consciousness being mindful of all that occurs which we have created both within and without. If we don’t like what we find inside or before us we have only ourselves to thank. Between dreaming and waking we can change it all. Love David

  7. Extremely deep! Love it. Sleep is a small death – I think Shakespeare said something along these lines. But I think when we sleep our soul travels to the unseen world. That’s why sometimes people have dreams that tell them of future events that come true sometimes. Anyway these are my thoughts. Thanks for getting my mind working on a different level.

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