Some believe this is the World of Illusion and yearn to live in the World of Reality. Others believe dreams are travels to the Astral…where we seek counsel and guidance from a “Guide” or “God” with our daily living.

Dreams…are these practices to perfect dying or to perfect living.

What do you believe?


The Fallen Grace series delve into this theme.



  1. I love to sleep, not only because I need rest, but also because I love to dream.

    My dreams are rarely in full color. Some are sepia, some black and white, and sometimes certain items are highlighted in red, blue, green, orange, brown, purple. Once I had series of “house dreams.” I could hardly wait to fall asleep to find out what the next installment was in the series. In one of my last house dreams, the “house” was a one room condo made of glass walls. No furniture. Only a red and blue rug.

    The best way to remember a dream is to keep paper and pen by the bed and write what you remember as soon as you wake up. Sometimes I don’t recall anything. Other times the dreams are vivid. I’m training myself to write who was the dream about (was I in it or just an observer?) Were others in the dream? What was the theme and/or sub-theme. Was it in color?

    Dreams are often loaded with symbols. Sometimes the best person to interpret the dream is the individual who dreamed it. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. This is one of my favorite subjects.

    1. Thank you for your visit and sharing Sheryl,

      Yes, I agree the best way to recall dreams is to write them down immediately. Many go back to sleep convinced that they’ll remember in the morning – but very seldom do.

      I also believe the best person to “interpret” a dream is the individual who dreamt it.

      All good wishes,

      1. Thank you for your reply, Eric. You are absolutely right about writing down dreams immediately or you’ll forget them. Sometimes I’ve tricked myself into thinking that I’ll go back to sleep and write it down later. When I do that, I usually don’t have a clue as to what I dreamed.

        Regarding dream interpretation, there are two guys I know of are pretty good at it: John Paul Jackson and Mark Virkler. But as you say, the best person to interpret the dream is more than likely the dreamer. For example, a dog could mean loyalty to one person. But if the person was bitten or attacked by dogs, dogs could represent fear.

  2. This is the kind of poem I would love to give my school teachers back then and confuse him or her. See – I’m not sleeping, my mind wandered but I’m really awake, I have a guide up there calling me… lol. There is humor in serious thoughts too..heh..heh..!!

  3. I can’t exactly say what my beliefs are on where dreams take us but I can say that I believe you are skilled with words. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hello Jack,
      Life unfurls before you and beckons. Who knows what pit stops there are, what discoveries you make.
      As authors/poets – we light a candle.
      Thank you for your visit, comment and “follow”.
      As you know, I also started following your blog moments ago,

      1. Yes, I know 🙂 Appreciated you pepper comments with intent 🙂 Insanity, only mentioned in the nicest of all ways too. But a strange paralytic state of madness ( or insight )!

  4. Eric, I used to remember my dreams and even use them in stories in fact if I gave myself a prompt I could dream about it. But now I don’t sleep (2-4 hrs if lucky). So what happens to my soul and my dreams???? I know God watches my soul since it is lingering between wake and sleep but the dreams have gone?? You words are Very profound. As for the person who says you should open your own church, She is right on but this is it isn’t it? I know I feel I am hearing his words thru you! Thank You!

    1. Dear Linda,

      Just returned after visiting your blog’s “About” page. 43 years of married life – with the same man – that is something! Congratulations. (Sorry, I sneaked in that ‘with the same man’ bit. Cheeky moi. But I once met an actress who had been married for 50 years – you know the rest 🙂

      On more sober notes:

      You wrote “if I gave myself a prompt I could dream about it” – Well, some believe if we dwell on something intensely enough, this sets the agenda, as it were, for our discussion with our Guide in the astral. Dreams are the residual impressions of our astral travel and the agenda addressed.

      “So what happens to my soul and my dreams” when I don’t sleep? Well, this strays into the discussion of Time. A few seconds in the astral could be a few hours or days of earth time – confusing yes, and this is a topic for rich discussion. Put another way, we all know how time “flies” when we are having a great time – meaning, time is elastic. If this holds truth, a few moments of shut-eye on earth is all one needs.

      Your remarks re: My church
      Yes, we, ALL of us, can touch people with our thoughts, words and actions – as long as we all submit that, we are nothing more than a receptacle and not the Life Giving Water. And you are right – this is the medium and platform for me. A pin prick of light in the vast black ocean of cyberspace.

      This is probably my longest comment to a reader, but felt your open sharing needed due respect and response.

      Peace and luv,

  5. I can’t agree that the soul being with God before birth and then returning to Him at death is a biblical idea. If we were with Him before birth and He sent us here to live, it was not a nice thing to do. He did that to Jesus to redeem us; it was voluntary suffering that He undertook, but to send us here would seem cruel.
    All that to the side here is a question about dreams that puzzles me: some people dream in first person, looking out of their own eyes at the action; other people dream in third person, detached from themselves and looking down on the action. What is the significance of that? I am a third person dreamer, by the way. I would be interested in what others experience.

    1. Hello Carroll,

      I agree with your observation. In case you are wondering why I also agreed with another comment that seems contradictory with what you say – you will notice that I selected my reply with care.

      As you probably gathered, anyone is welcome to post comments here as long as they are respectful of others’ opinions. Therefore I try to accommodate differing views.

      Yes, what you say is true. It would seem cruel of god.

      Re: Dreams. You’ve broached something very interesting – first and third person POVs. I’ve never looked at it so.

      In subsequent instalments of Fallen Grace, I’ve actually written about this and perhaps it might shed some light on the significance.

      Meanwhile, let’s hope other readers give us their take on 1st and 3rd person POVs.

      Peace, Eric

      1. Personally I am glad that you do such a good job accommodating other views. Not many of us can do it as well as you do. It is a blessing to all concerned, even us hyper-opinionated people. Keep it up.

      2. Dear Carroll,

        It is good to be opinionated. I am opinionated too. But as long as people remain respectful, I am also willing to hear them out and perhaps even add to my knowledge.

        As an aside, I always wondered what merit is there to love those who love us (read, agree with us). As this is expected and most times, even natural – birds of a feather? Embrace the one who hurts us (read, disagrees with us). Therein unrolls the journey of discovery – for us and for our detractor(s).

        Lofty sentiments? Definitely. I try to live by them – failed most times 🙁 But sometimes, I find the strength.

        If you wish to visit this post > Be Nice

        Peace, Eric
        P/s Written and posted about a year ago.

  6. I only have ever remembered my nightmares, this because they wake me. Never, in all my life have I remembered dreams. If I dream, I must believe I do, they allow for peaceful rest. I wake refreshed after my normal 4.5 to 5 hours of sleep. Those times I do have a nightmare, they are few and far between, not only do I wake instantly but I do not return to sleep that night.

    1. That is interesting Val – that you never recalled dreams. Perhaps snippets?

      But it is understandable that nightmares leave a deeper impression.

      If you wish, please check out this short poem which gives an interesting take on dreams >

      All good wishes,

    1. No you are not dreaming, Mike.
      You are right, it could do with a “do” – makes it grammatically correct
      But I prefer to leave the meaning as “are we awake”

      Thank you for pointing it out – much appreciate it,

  7. Once again, you NEED to start your own church…everything you say is written with the hand of God or some higher power. I often wonder where our souls go while we sleep. My grandpa used to say I had to keep the covers on me when I slept (I was a cover-kicker-offer when a young child) or else my soul would fly off. From there on, I imagined my soul living a life of its own while my body re-energized at night.

    1. Oh my dear dear Eva,

      This is not the first time you said this 🙂 The number of self-styled “churches” are as vast as the ocean – yet we can’t drink from that abundance.

      I am quite happy writing for family, friends and myself. If my words but touch one, no matter how fleetingly, that is enough.

      That is a new one for me, what your grandpa said. But his words set off a train of thoughts for you. Perhaps he was trying to do more than merely get you to keep your covers on.

      Much luv and hugz coming your way,
      Eric 🙂

      1. I can’t help it…your words, you set the bar so high…they are so perfect!
        And yes, he was trying to just get me to keep the blankets on, but as you said, it set of a train of thought 🙂

  8. In my dreams I do things that I wouldn’t do awake. So is that me letting go in my dreams or me holding me back in my waking hours? Interesting, I’m going to have to really think about this.

    1. Well Susan,

      This is a question that has challenged, befuddled and drove many to dive deeper. Omar Khayyam said, that to know, we too must the journey make. But he is not the only one. Here is a link to a very short poem I wrote:

      Yes, remember that? I see your comment there. No answers but sure births many questions.

      Have a great weekend,
      Eric 🙂

      1. Yes I remember that poem. Your writings are always thought provoking and make me look into myself for deeper meanings.

        You have a great weekend too.


  9. I believe the soul is the whole person–body and spirit–which aligns with the Hebrew and Greek definitions given above. The spirit lived with God before entering the body at birth and leaves the body to return to God at death. At the resurrection, the body and spirit are again reunited and will never separate again. That’s scriptural. Of course, there are many interpretations of scripture, but Jesus did eat and did ask His disciples to touch His wounds after He was resurrected. Thanks for the interesting topic, Eric.

    1. Yes, Peg – Scripture is open to multiple interpretations. I agree with your observation that the spirit/soul lived with God before entering the body at birth and leaves the body to return to God at death. All good wishes, Eric

      1. But whenever I am sleeping, I feel that I am transported to another world and/or even like watching a movie. 🙂

  10. I sometimes find that some people may believe dreams are divinely sent inspiration .I tend to be in that category usually since many of my poem and story ideas are taken from my dreams.

    1. Yes, many believe this – that when the Body rests, our Spirit/Soul/Atma/Essence (whatever we want to call it) travels to the Astral. Dreams are residual memories of these travels.

      Peace, Eric

  11. Christians would have taken their idea of a soul originally from Hebrew and Greek writings which are the collection called the Bible. Soul in Hebrew is generally naphesh, breath, life, person, emotions, appetites. In Greek it is psuche, which is breath, life, life principle, living creature, person, affections. Therefor it is the completeness of an individual and not a combination of soul, a separate body and essence which continues on after death. If that’s the case where did this idea of a soul and body separate come from? Hindus possibly? Greco/Roman pagan religions? Who knows, but it seems to be a common Christian belief today which I find rather curious.

    1. You pose an interesting question – where indeed did the idea for the separation come from?

      One school of thought says that Jesus’s missing years were spent travelling to the Eastern temples of learning – in Tibet, India, China, etc. When Rome adopted Christianity as the official religion – they destroyed all references of Jesus’ sojourn in the East, which at the time was personified by their ancient enemy, Persia. It was rumoured that in later years, European colonialists removed/destroyed much literature from Indian temples that referenced a ‘great sage who hailed from the Land of the Hebrew’.

      Who knows where the influence came from. History is ‘his-story’ — depends on who the ‘he’ is who scribes it. The Romans portrayed Cleopatra as a conniving wench but other historians saw her as a beleaguered queen who resorted to her wisdom and wiles to safe her throne and nation. We take our pick.

      Chinese whispers – running wild in the pages of oral, and subsequently, written history – I reckon.

      Peace, Eric

      1. Yes it is the winners who create our history books. Cleopatra certainly has received some underserved press for trying to protect her country as best she could against a superior force. When I was enrolled in my creative writing course the subject of published memoirs was dealt with. It apparently has been researched and proven that our memories of times past get mixed with our dreams and therefor become part truths rather than exact memories. I thought that was interesting too.

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