1. Thank you for this encouragemnt. Actually, horror is new to me and I started dabbling in it only a few weeks ago.

      P/s Left a comment in Land of the Sappens. If it did not come through, please check your spam. Anyway this is what I said – Life’s lessons start young.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion – I might just do that. There are several movies/stories based on ‘demon child’ already out there, so I need ‘fresh clothing for this old body’. Let’s see how it goes.

      Incidentally, another flash fiction The Guest is actually part of my next novel. You might want to check it out > http://wp.me/p1YE83-CU

      The manuscript is now in final editing before submission.

  1. How could someone of good nature give birth to someone as evil and as wicked as this child? That family did not know God! I can’t help wonder though, if he had been brought up in a religious way would that have made any difference?

      1. Dear Eric, I’m familiar with this story and I’ve seen the movie a few times. Nevertheless, this flash of fiction has roots in real life, a lot of people are wicked and have demons inside of them! Which makes me wonder: Was that the way they were raised? or are they evil from birth? On the other hand I must compliment the way you wrote this post! It’s bone chiling!

      2. Hello Rana – There are many movies on the theme of a demon child and fact can be more chilling than fiction.

        I wonder whether people are wicked – certainly demons (if within them) are. These people need help, I reckon, not condemnation. Nature and nurture (depending on one’s definition of these terms) can contribute to demonic possessions, I agree.

        If you meant some people are ‘wicked per se’ – I totally agree with you. There are some real nasties out there and nothing to do with demonic possession, though they ‘behave’ like demons. And man’s laws and resolve to bring these ‘demons’ to justice are sorely wanting.

        Thank you for your visit, clarification and compliment. Peace, Eric

  2. ya, pretty messed up 😉 good stuff though. i am glad to find a fellow flash fiction advocate here on wordpress. with your style the way it is, you may enjoy some of my flash fiction

    keep it up! I shall follow

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment 🙂

      Left a comment in your post: Magic Pills. If you can’t locate it, here it is: “Looking at ourselves in a mirror – when there is no mirror! Perhaps instead of increasing the dosage, you just need to get out of that place…”

      1. aww your comment didnt show up 🙁 Its a good one too… please post it again if you’re up to it 🙂

        thanks for stopping by.. 🙂

      2. Yeah, you were in my spam folder. Sometimes its strange; the things it marks as spam and the things it doesn’t.

        thanks again for stopping by 😉
        I’m glad your enjoying my stories…
        Read. Enjoy. Share

    1. The child is a demon – yes, true. But it also says “demon’s” child – not “demon” child

      As Mechanic Leigh would say – Heh! Heh! Heh!

    2. Hello Indira – left a comment in your post Haiku – Death. I believe it is sitting in your blog spam folder. If you can’t retrieve – here is what I wrote

      “Quite often, death does not come knocking does it – it springs unannounced”

      1. Hello Eric, I did not receive your comment, now i got it, thanks for your comment and sparing time to read my post. You are right’ quite often…….several times i was a witness to it, without any warnings it strikes.

      1. ha ha! reminds me of Damien Omen or have you seen “son of the mask” its a hilarious movie if you ignore the extreme vulgarity of the first hour or so and its regular dose thereafter.

    1. Another great laugh 🙂

      Soma dear, if I could, I would reach out and give you a great big hugz. Population control! Yes, and old Dracula works for the blood bank! I also know an old man who collects money for charity – yes, that is his girlfriend’s name – Charity!

      See what you made me do. I can’t stop laughing while writing this.

      Wait a minute – horrors flicks are supposed to be scary – not funny. I will never make it as a horror writer 🙂

  3. I had to laugh at your hand illustration toJasey. It brought back memories of those fun shops where we used to buy gross things like false hands which we would place in our coats to look like the real thing and then watch the horrified faces of those you shook hands with when they ended up with this dismembered limb in their hand.

    1. What indeed. Who will ever believe her…They’ll probably lock her away in a nut-house. Question: Can the white washed walls keep ‘sweet innocent’ out…

  4. Whoa! What lurks behind those baby blue eyes is a nasty little cherub! Methinks it’s time for mama to run away from home…:)

    1. Mummy, don’t leave me behind! Please mummy, don’t! I love you mummy…I love you. Don’t leave. I really…really love you. Heh! Heh! Heh!

    1. I don’t know why, but I burst out laughing when I saw your comment – thank you, I really needed a good laugh today 🙂

      Throw in some holy water too and you’ll be alright, I reckon.

  5. This is horrid, we can no longer be sure who is sitting next to us, a human or a demon or an alien. Sometimes the word expressed by a person is scarrier than the action itself.

    1. Yes, it is like a guy who says, “Here, let me give you a hand”. You grab his hand and pull yourself up – he is gone. But you’re holding his hand!

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