Please be warned this excerpt of Code Shield has a heavy adult theme. 

(Code Shield explores the unholy trinity of globalization – drug trafficking, human trafficking and international crime syndicates)

“We paid Wei Chi a visit today.”

Ying’s eyes widened.

Got you, you whore. Donovich knew that she had left her ten-year old son in the care of a local family, while she rented a room above a shophouse in Joo Chiat, the room in which she had first entertained him four days earlier.

“I’ve a present for you from your son,” Donovich said. He produced the cloth pouch and tossed it on the bed beside her.

Ying stared at the blue pouch. For the first time since Donovich met her, she betrayed fear. He turned to Kashin. “Encourage her.”

Kashin sniggered as he unzipped his trousers and sat behind the woman. He lifted her up. Her body went taut.

Kashin gently lowered her on his stiff member, tearing into her already lacerated anus. Wrapping his legs around her naked waist, he rested his chin on her shoulder and felt the heft of her breasts. “Oh, this is good.” He whispered into her ears as his breathing laboured.

“Do you want to see what your little boy had given you?” A wicked smile crawling over his face, Donovich picked at the drawstring, turned the pouch upside down and shook out its contents.

A ball of cloth, dried stiff in blood, fell out.

Ying backed with a squeak, her mouth taped tight, tears welling and dripping over her eyelashes.

“Oh, this is really good.” Kashin whispered hoarsely, as he slipped a finger into her soft wetness. His voice melted into tiny gasps.

Donovich slowly parted the cloth, keeping his eyes fixated on Ying’s, a hard look etched on his face. He took out what looked like a roasted pork sausage on a loop of string and deftly garlanded her with it.

Ying’s eyes widened in terror. She struggled and twisted violently. But the severed finger remained wedged between her breasts. Ying kicked and pushed back but Kashin held her tight, raping her with his finger and his shaft. She tried to scream but the tape clamped her lips tight. Muffled squeaks escaped her throat and mucus spurted from her nostrils.

“Hmm, this is really good.” Kashin moaned and held her to him. He licked her ears and neck. Then he went into small spasms, relaxed and breathed heavily.

Pushing her away abruptly, he leapt out of the bed in one spring, ducked into the toilet and shut the door with a loud bang.

Ying retreated quickly and braced against the headrest. She pulled her knees to her chest and glared.

Donovich slapped the woman’s head several times and grabbed a fistful of her hair. He pulled her head back, stretching the neck tight, and studied her pulsing veins.

“Listen to me whore, this could have been worse. Because it is me, it’s only a finger.” He jerked his head in the direction of the toilet. “If it had been that porn star, it would have been your boy’s penis.”

Ying melted into whimpers and Donovich whispered hoarsely into her ears. “I’m going to remove the tape so we can talk. I’ll say this only once. Pull another screaming stunt or fight and I’ll have handsome Kashin return with nine more fingers and one penis, one at a time, do you understand?” He tightened his grip on her hair. “Do-you-un-der-stand?”

Ying nodded.

(An extract from Code Shield, A Peek Into Singapore’s Secret Services)



  1. Well-written and quite descriptive while maintaining the rage with the violator and his victim, without sacrificing style.

    It was tough to read, but that means you did a good job with the realism.

  2. No truer words written. It was meant as a ringing endorsement and encouragement. Keep up the good work and appreciate the feedback on my comments. 🙂

    All the best, Ayanna Nahmias

  3. Eric, the purpose of writers is to write. Advocates by virtue of their position in society bear the onerous burden of presenting the unvarnished truth to an often unreceptive audience.

    My comment was not meant as an admonition or criticism, but rather as a desire to communicate just how well written this story is and what a powerful tool it can be in the fight against this pernicious human rights violation.

    Be well, Ayanna

    1. Dear Ayanna,

      I did not perceive your comment as admonishment. I saw it as a strong endorsement for me to keep highlighting this silent scourge. Coming from you, a person who has suffered so, there can be no better affirmation for me.

      I shall try my best to remain truthful but sensitive.

      Thank you my dear, Eric

  4. OMG!!!! It brought tears to my eyes and almost made me vomit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it to the end. It was too visceral, too reminiscent, but it is excellently written I just couldn’t finish it. Hurt my heart so much.

    As a rape victim it struck to close to home but this unvarnished portrayal is a powerful tool. I believe when most people read about prostitution, slavery (sexual or otherwise), it is often in the abstract. Even I usually retreat to the small place of my own experience which is much easier to process than the magnitude of what is happening to some boy, girl, woman or man at this very second, and for the next few seconds, day after day, month after month, year after year.

    Therefore, like many, I grasp tightly and vigilantly hang my hopes on the modest gains law enforcement has made here and abroad in its efforts to slay this Hydra. We must continue to advocate and hope. ~ Ayanna Nahmias

    1. Now, you got me speechless, Ayanna. It took me some time to reflect on what you wrote. My apologies if this post opened wounds. I’m not good in handling such situations as it wrecks me and…

      Peace and love, Eric

  5. I flinch at the story, but am awed at the use of words, and it deeply tells me the situation clearly. It makes me think about alot of things, and your dedication does touch me. I always look forward to your writing, and seek improvement, and new inspirations as well. Is this a book???
    This always shows that that type of world isn’t as easy as it seems.
    Thank you for the slap in the face of reality 🙂 (not in a bad way at all lol)

    1. I confess that the decision to tackle this storyline was not easy. How to bring forth the gory parts without causing offence or degenerating into too much…But some stories need to be told. And so far, I received encouraging words from all.

      Yes, this is a book excerpt – you can check out the book here, see what others say >

  6. Maybe we can’t do much but creating awareness is crucial that the world cannot look out the window anymore. Harsh reality had to be injected to drive the message. Some produced this visually, you had us visualised them in your writings. We can only hope that the authorities would at least suppress this if enough people voice their protest. Thank you for this message – a reality awakening !

    1. I know what you mean Jasey – instead of looking in the mirror, some look out the window.

      We each do what we can. I write and hopefully, it will touch some.

      Peace, Eric

    1. This is something special about you – your straight honesty.

      Yes, many are fortunate to be unaware. We pray that such issues don’t afflict us. But we also need to spread this information about the weak in our midst.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Thank you for this compliment, though in all honesty, I don’t view myself as particualrly courageous. There are many people out there doing much more.

      My readers are very supportive – many great souls here. When I posted the micro-fiction The Masseur
      > I expected people to desert me. How lovely that I received more encouragement. Many good people out there.

  7. Yes this really does happen. Women in this evil trade around the world are treated like a wasting asset to be used and then abandoned when they are too sick to be of futther use in the trade or killed. Some who do survive head back to their remote villages to share their infections with innocent villages who have no idea why they in turn get sick and become a burden on already overextended budgets. Unfortunately the sex cartels have wormed their way into political, social and judicial levels of society where money can buy them important leaders who protect them in their evil trade. While there is much more awareness of the evil these days I’m afraid its too well protected to be eliminated. It takes a raw article like this to describe the pain and suffering these women are forced to bear and the impossibility of escape for them.

    1. You are so very right Ian – it was a hidden scourge but not anymore. But as you say, now powerful people protect and benefit from these cartels. For all we know, some of these people could be the very ones society holds up as role models.

      Incidentally, during my research for this novel, I came across a UN report that most – yes most – of the perpetrators of the sex trade and human trafficking are women (!!!). Perhaps because children and young girls trust an ‘aunty’ or ‘motherly’ person compared to a tattooed gorilla.

  8. Well written of course. And brave of you to address such an ugly topic. As for globalization, such crimes are more common it seems nowadays.

  9. Brave choice putting this up on the blog. It is good though, if not a bit gruesome. Personally I like it and don’t mind, these things shouldn’t be brushed over just because they are not the easiest of things to deal with.

    1. Hello Elliot, I did think hard before loading this – but felt the message is more important than the sensitivities of the few people who might have their heads in the sand.

    1. Yes, the truth can be debilitating. The plight of children, young women and young men – this gave the impetus for me to pen this novel.

      Thank you also for the compliment. Peace. Eric

    1. Thank you for the compliment. It was tough to write this section – to reveal the filth without descending too much into the pits…

      P/s Left a comment in your post Love is eternity. If it did not come through, here it is > True love is eternal…elegant poem.

      1. I admire the fact you can go there not being any of that. I have these big feelings that I manage as to where I allow them to go. Sometimes they are too idealistic and I have to get into a trench of some realism that is distasteful for me. For me, I feel there is a fine line to art and humanity that needs to be distinguished. I am not sure what that is, perhaps your piece and this discussion will help me to further think that through so I can explore more real humanity through my work.

        Thanks for the compliment on the poem. I am encouraged that you like it.

  10. Gruesome! This underlines how inured we are to these social ills, and how important it is to jolt us out of our comfort zones. Still hard Eric. much easier to bury our heads in the sand.

    1. Very true. Unfortunately, most people read or watch a documentary – feel outraged, then nothing. Life goes on. Many governments don’t have the resources and those who do, don’t have the resolve.

      The UN has been unable to get all its members to even agree what constitutes ‘human trafficking’. It is a can of worms…

  11. The height of cruelty and torture has crossed the limits today where humans display unhuman behaviour…strange reflection of a dark society wrapped in sophisticated norms..

  12. i never thought will ever read the kind of terror I read years back in Rage of Angels…
    This post today was more than that..and I am not talking about what is written here…rather the feeling this post created
    It took me sometime before i could even think of commenting
    The power of an engaging and powerful write up
    the effect of Eric’s Words

    1. Dear Soma – My novels hopefully provide good reads. But more importantly, I believe in highlighting social ills – just like you.

      Drug/human trafficking and organised crime – so pervasive – the ‘new normal’…

      So many millions of girls, young women and even young men – exploited. It is heart wrenching.

    1. Yes, human and drug traffickers can be real nasties – many don’t realise it is happening in our midst > not merely in some faraway impoverished countries, as most assume. Many missing people are listed as that – missing, runaways, etc. Try getting the authorities to move off their backsides – good luck.

      1. From my understanding, human traficking is one of the largest black market dealings, second to exotic animals… or maybe the statistic is the other way around…
        and yes, much more prevalant in suburbia than we’d (they’d) like to admit.

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