1. Each to her/his own. For me, Freedom is not absolute but a matter of degree fashioned by time, circumstances, etc.
      Cheers, Eric
      P/s. I am a tea drinker πŸ™‚ Same difference I suppose because I can’t get cranking without my tea.

  1. There are whole other worlds to explore in between the small deaths and the stir of life! I like to dream… freedom at it’s high point! πŸ™‚

  2. Nature does steal small deaths from us when night falls. But we are structured such that our body needs to rest, so that’s another freedom rob from us. Maybe for compensation we get a rising sun with a new day to start, that balance it off.

    1. Cycle of day and night – no freedom to do anything but to follow the dictates of the sun > is one take.
      There are others along metaphysical lines…

      P/s I think I dropped the ball on this one > made it so metaphorical that the meaning did not readily surface πŸ™

    1. Very true Granbee – a new day, a blank sheet of paper for our authorship.

      P/S – Dear Granbee – all my comments in your blog do not come through. I believe these end up in spam. If you could rescue one – then akismet will recognise me as a genuine commentator and it should be okay, I reckon.

  3. I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    Freedom is something that’s rare,
    You don’t find it just anywhere;
    Kim Jong-un just says, “NO!”
    So does Fidel Castro,
    If you have it please utter a prayer.

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