Be warned: Adult theme and some might find this gross…

Flash-fiction horror – 33 words or less.

Every year, hundreds of thousands are listed as “Missing”. Guys who prowl for one-night stands…beware the prowler. 



  1. Eric, this is way too funny for an engineer to have written! I will never see another Halloween plastic skeleton again without thinking of this flash fiction of yours here! And we gals surely do appreciate you taking our side in this one!

    1. Thanks Elliot 🙂

      P/S Interestingly, I rescued your comment from my Spam folder. First time this happened with your comments – what is WP up to….

      1. I don’t think I’ve been commenting on that many blogs that I’ve become spam! I’ve read a few other users are having similar issues with WP at the moment.

      2. You’re right – I encounter the same problem. But once ‘approved’ my subsequent comments are okay. Oh, well…no real dramas

    1. Well Selasie,

      You’ve already said it. I’ll post one from the opposite view – women looking to pick up guys – in another week or so.

      Peace, Eric

  2. Talk about receiving full payment – didn’t she just took everything out of him plus he also ends up as a specimen. Oh dear, what a loser !!

  3. “adult theme” like you warned. Gross? Maybe suggestive too. A good warning though, guys can get swallowed up completely by the same thing that presents itself as fun. Sweet things kill! Some pleasures really do kill!

    1. This is based on a demon who does just that – takes the form of an allurimg woman and…

      There is also a metaphorical slant to this about the dangers of fornication…

      1. Good one! You tried your hands on a new concept and it really is working just fine. I love the prudish ways. 🙂
        Well, I always stick to them (for now)

  4. Stephen King and Harold Robbins meet to re-tell the Biblical story of the “strange woman” in Proverbs 7, specifically the last 2 verses (Oops sorry to bend the rule a bit about quoting, Eric, but I figured out the connection on my own. 🙂 )

    1. LOL! Stephen King & Harold Robbins – yes, in my youth, I used to read the thrashy stuff put out by HR…

      Good connection made Dee 🙂

    1. I did take a chance, Jeannie.

      I did live a ‘colourful’ life before Lisa and my children came into my life. Now, I’m actually somewhat ‘prudish’.

      One lives a ‘straight and upright life’ on a deserted island, no temptations. Another grows up in a cesspit and wallowed in it – then pulls himself out, bathes and tries the straight and upright life.

      I wonder, who is truer, who is spiritually stronger…All of us bear scars of our journey and sometimes this surfaces in our sharing…and writing.

      1. I know what you mean. Most of us have a “before” and an “after” part of our life. If we’re honest we acknowledge it anyway. And the experiences of either/or enrich our writing. Nothing wrong with that. I think you are brave to do it and of course, it worked. LOL

        I could write quite “bitchy” if I had the courage to because it’s one of those “been there, done that” scenarios. I’ve never committed murder, but I’ve been so mad I think I could have, given the right circumstances–enough I could write it and be convincing anyway.

        We shouldn’t worry about offending “The Ladies Society” in some of what we write. It’s important to write in truth for what the story IS. Just my humble opinion. 🙂

      2. When writing this, I thought of a lot of things but ‘redemption’ certainly did not cross my mind.

        I’ll have to dwell on this and return – see what you’ve done 🙂

        Thank you, as I love such thought-provoking challenges. Peace, Eric

  5. OMG eeew…but he is dead so…just imagine if someday all those missing guys (suckers for some night fun) will be found floating in gallons of urine in some jar or tank….

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