1. We are free in some senses to choose this. But we can choose things (and this is one of them) that will cost us our freedom.

    I’m all for lazing on occasion, but after a while, one has to ask, “What’s the point?” Idleness is boredom is almost unbearable.

    It’s almost as if we are given so many things in life to see what we will do with them. I wouldn’t compare it to a test, as much as to something related to who we are.

    1. Now that is something close to my heart – ‘on loan to us’ – for us but do not belong to us to squander. Yes! Peace, Eric πŸ™‚

    1. Very true Jacqueline – for some, they need to lose something before appreciating its true value > Freedom, Love, Friendship, Health, Peace, etc.

  2. Freedom to do as we wish is a luxurious thought because reality impose certain restrictions – this can be related to money, health condition, family, etc. Probably the degree of commitment to our responsibilites vary but so long as we need to fulfil our commitments, there is not much room to laze away life.
    But occasionally we need to take a break and allow ourselves to laze awhile so that we can rejuvenate. I believe that making some free time for ourself is healthy and this is not lazing away life.

    1. I see your point about making/putting aside time for oneself > others might view this as lazing when one is actually recharging….

      Yes, we all need moments of ‘silence’ to dwell and heal…

  3. Look at the life styles presented to us by movie stars around the world. The life they live suggests we should all aim for money, fame, acting fantisy and a lot of high cost leasure. I somehow think Mother Theresa looked back on her life with a lot more pleasure than these empty society idols will when it time for them to go.

    1. Very true Ian – the media is so seductive and what was outrageous, is now the ‘new normal’ – but only fleetingly, before another more outrageous lifestyle wears the mantle of ‘normal’

      You are right in that the vast majority of celebrities – in politics, business, religiosity, arts, academia, etc – are empty shells.

      In the old days we had some solid people even in the performing arts. My all-time favourite actor (and the handsomest man ever, I reckon) is Gregory Peck > a model gentleman on/off screen.

      1. Yes I suppose I should not have generalized. There are some who are aware of social obligations and the need to project a somewhat decent lifestyle. Unfortunately, too few.

  4. VERY thought provoking YOU!

    I was THINKING about this and it hit me from my Not Thinking place that we have Free Will and so what? there are also universal truths and ways to live that I must live. so freedom? yes freedom to obey the will of God and to LISTEN to what my God wants of me in my life. My brain had all manner of other ideas. I think my Not Brain has the real answer for me

    My Not Brain is SO much smarter than my brain…

    Peace, Jen

    1. I agree Jen – if we answer to and follow The Higher Calling, we should be pretty alright.

      In this context, probably the worse thing anyone can do is to return one’s “freedom’ (in its original gift wrapping) to the Giver

  5. we have always had freedom to do a lot and hands tied just to remind us we are not so much in control as we think we are in…
    freedom is nothing if you do not handle it carefully duties with rights

  6. My view is that there is no such freedom to β€œlaze away life”, ergo it is not ours to spend. We are all held captive by the norms of society, family, and even by our own expectations of ourselves, all of which consider frittering one’s life away as anathema to normal behavior.

  7. There is a price for freedom. Most often this freedom is unpaid for by the common citizen. Yet freedom is still ours to do what we will. Therefore, freedom is ours to spend. However, it is not ours to take for granted, or to vilify.

    1. How very true Sheryl – not all paid for it but all enjoy it. This is the second new thought added to what I learned today. Thank you so very much.

  8. Liberty and freedom have a price; responsibility, accountability, and a measure of steady cultivation. Anything less, leads to freedom succumbing to slavery and captivity.

    Such cliches as rust never sleep, depict an element of that truth.

    The expediency by which men establish laws to maintain freedom, is constantly being undermined by an expediency of a darker will. Freedom can be summed up in the effort put forth to keep that dark will at bay.

    1. This is a very thought provoking comment – ‘cultivation’ the need to cultivate our freedom.

      Thank you – I learnt something today.

      1. Yes, the thought alludes. The only thing that closely justifies our ability to perceive ideals in a near ideal way, is the fact that we have an ability to choose. We have an ability to divorce a bad practice in exchange for the expediency of the new. We are not destined to be slaves, we are destined to be free – But the fight will always be one of will, tenacity, faith, and never, ever, ever giving up.

        I am passionate about this ideal. That the disparity between ideals and actions is great and while the disparity can influence a form of apathy to the cynic, to the faith filled, it renders hope for humanity — that we are in coded with a passion to live in liberty not captivity. Hence, law is a form of support that helps us get closer to realizing the ideal, even though their seems to be a force which attempts to undermine those laws. Unfortunately, even law becomes expedient to the realization of higher laws. So, though a law serve to advance us in realizing our ideals, it can also hinder us. The subject is complex and must be handled by those with a sincere and good heart. In the hands of evil people, this ideal can undermine a foundation which serves to preserve and hold the line on Freedom. I love reading John Adams letters. I believe he clearly understood these principles and was passionate about setting up a system to preserve freedom for all, while being greatly concerned about the evil that would chisel away at the good in the system. — I myself, believe that any form of Government that allows power to an elite crowd of leaders, to choose for a greater crowd of followers, will fail to preserve freedom and succumb to evil. More food for thought. If ever America succumbs to lose its freedoms, it will be because we the people failed to exercise our freedom with responsibility, accountability while we apathetically entrusted it others to choose for us.

      2. Wow! What a comprehensive comment and you touched on so many facets….Now you’ve thrown the spanner in the works in a nice-sort-of-way and got me thinking. I’ve read this twice and will return to read it again.

        Really appreciate this πŸ™‚

      3. I really like what renokingswordsnpoetry has pointed out. Freedom does become categorical from the perspectives of law, morality,choices, and good v. evil.
        Choose our freedoms responsibly but always choose from our heart or there really is no respected freedom.

      4. Yes Sheryl – I agree that renokingswordsnpoetry has shared a well thought out comment. Glad that it also resonates with you.

  9. Difficult to describe… yet freedom and being free are different..freedom of anything is free expression of thought ,action,feelings ,opinions..with respect to morality and respect. freedom doesn’t mean lazing around doing nothing… its lethargy and laziness.freedom is to use our power explicitly alongwith our duties and responsibilities.. doing nothing or doing whatever we like as lazing are just forms of being free from all the ties ,bonds,reponsiblities,duties..but necessarily doesn’t mean freedom..being free is your choice but giving freedom depends on somebody else..

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