1. Someone said that Monday blues spread on till Tuesday, but I reckon at least Tuesday is a new day to create a new picture and maybe make new mistakes..haha..

  2. I’ve often thought of the sky as an amazing canvas and the last line makes me think of the Law of Attraction – us taking an active role in creating our reality.

    1. Oh, thank you Shaheen.
      Responses such as yours keeps me blogging. I value your visits and friendship.
      Cheers, Eric
      P/s you do post some ‘heavy’ material – and I mean that as high compliment.

    1. Dianne, as the ancient Indian says – you bath my heart in milk.

      For, if my words touch but one person a day, it is a day I have lived well.

      Peace upon you, Eric 🙂
      (P/s Love resides in our Hearts, and milk is pure/nourishing and from a mother, the personification of Love)

  3. That being the case why do we as humans delight in remembering the sad and ugly events of the past when each day is a new canvas to write things of beauty on?

  4. Wow! A published author like yourself liking my writing is very flattering. Thank you! I’m reading through some of you posts, and find it enlightening as well.

    1. You are so right Dennis.

      Somedays our problems bear down so heavy that life seems impossible > but in moments such as these, if we believe God will not load us with more than we can bear…keeping in mind all of us belong to different weightlifting categories.

    1. You said this well, Soma dear – each day a window of new opportunity. We can remain in the dark and wring our hands or step out into the sun and onto a new path. All good wishes for another sunlit day, Eric 🙂

      1. Eric, I have found beauty in your post up above and between the lines…such a happy discovery =)

        a daily welcome tabula rasa =)

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