1. I got goose bumps reading this….the message delivers conviction in stark honesty and beauty, and gives a hard truth….still yet, the reader understands the choices….thank you, this was amazing….

      1. Thank you for your comment. It is true enough as I observe how the Israelites suffer terrible consequences when disobeying God’s commandment when I read the Old Testament. And I also observe that current society also suffer consequences for disregarding God’s principles and commandments stated in the Bible.
        God bless,

  2. Unfortunately many find delayed salvation unbelievable, instant gratification is fulfilling and as the saying goes “seeing is believing.” Those who wait are left behind but who will finally emerge as the winner, we have yet to know. We have to go with our conscience and make a good choice to answer for our own deeds.
    My compliments to the unique perspective you have put across.

    1. Unfortunately, instant gratification is both captivating and seductive – it is now and ‘real’

      “Seeing is believing” – I wonder who first said that but he/she assumes ‘total sight’. Anyway, this is generally accepted, similar to “common sense”.

      You are absolutely right – choices we make lead to rewards and consequences.

  3. Another great sentiment from your gifted pen! Glad you threw the invite open to cursed nonbelievers (like me); but that doesn’t stop me wishing you Joyeuse Pâques 😀

    1. Ah, my friend, for me, ALL are believers – we believe in God who touches us. Man might refer to HIM by various names – but HE is GOD.

      Let the small among us squabble over rules, rituals and names – we follow GOD!

      This is what I believe in. I pray in church, Buddhist/Hindu/Taoist temples – if they allow, I would love to pray to HIM in a Mosque. I am Christian (in name), my brother is Hindu and my sister is Muslim. I also have Taoist and Sikh relatives…

      Peace, Eric

      1. I like your perspective here, Eric.

        I didn’t comment on the ‘no matter one’s faith’ line at the beginning of your post.

        But I have a question for you. I agree with you because it is how I understand grace. Also, I have seen God speak through people who do not share my religious beliefs.

        At the same time, I do believe some beliefs are true while others are not. Disagreeing with people is not a problem for me – I see it as basically no harm, no foul. I don’t know what is reasonable for someone else to believe given his or her life. For me, there is a difference between saying what you seem to be saying here and saying all beliefs are equally true. Am I interpreting you correctly?

      2. We are both reading off the same page, I reckon.

        I agree with you that “…some beliefs are true while others are not…”

        I also agree with you and don’t believe “all beliefs are equally true” either.

        Most of all, I agree with this, which you said superbly – “I don’t know what is reasonable for someone else to believe given his or her life.”

        My sentiments exactly.

      3. I think the only manner in which you and I might differ is in the anthropomorphism of ‘deity’. Though I consider myself an atheist on those grounds, nevertheless, the concept of the numinous feels too real to be denied.

        “I don’t know what is reasonable for someone else to believe given his or her life.” Very well said indeed, 12Kilroy. No matter how well I might know another (whether human, cat, frog, oak tree), I can never truly grok the universe which that other inhabits, and, naturally, vice-versa.

        Peace, yes: I wish you as much as you can handle of that all too rare commodity.

  4. I love the references in this – goat / lamb pinnacle / mountain damnation /salvation.

    We seem to want to go for what looks the best, but it is misleading. A part of me thinks we should know this … falling for it over and again.

    Maybe we eventually acquire wisdom in the choice?

    1. My post reveals no new Truths – wiser men and women have said this many times over and much more forcefully…

      As you know, knowing and doing…vast oceans separate the two.

      Many have acquired and live by this wisdom but their numbers pale in comparison to those yet to imbibe this…

    1. I’ve always believed that one should strive to say more with less 🙂 It gives the readers the choice to pick out the morsels as they see it.

  5. What a wonderfully “critterly” way of replaying the famous Temptation of Jesus after forty days in the wilderness and fasting! Much like many of us and our spiritual journeys during the 40 days of this Lenten Season! Eternal reward vs. temporary gratification–not much contest, if you ask me!

    1. No contest at all, I agree and yet…

      After more than 2000 years, man still touches his forehead to ground in obeisance to the golden calf.

      1. The ‘golden calf’ then and now epitomises man’s excesses and focus on Pride, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, Lust and Sloth…especially Sloth.

        Arguably, due to sloth – man had abdicated his true freedom. He becomes sheep led by wolves – whether from the pulpits or palace…

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