1. These words swept over me like a warm wave and I couldnt stop the tear from falling for the sheer admiration and joy I felt in reading them….you have captured the weight and enormity of the Father and Sons love and sacrifice and delivered it in a moments time….this is so very precious and I applaud your accomplishment here….many thanks to you, my friend….

    1. You are very welcome 🙂

      Shed a tear > touched you are, by the Spirit, I reckon. How lovely.

      I sincerely belief that sometimes words embrace us and raise our senses > we then reach up to be touched…

      Luv and peace, Eric 🙂

  2. What a very priceless Holy Week gift to us, dear Eric! Such a wonderful way to show the “fully-human, fully-divine” nature of Christ by writing such a dialogue!

    1. You got it Granbee! That was my intention >

      Divinity into Humanity died for Humanity and returned to Divinity for Humanity’s salvation for all Eternity.

    1. Very true Patricia.

      By the time they cross the threshold of their churches on the way out…most forget 🙁 And so He bleeds for us and in time hopefully we realise…

  3. Wow, another amazing perspective to share the Gospel. The Gospel is getting richer in me. Thank you for being a good steward for your gifts to make the Gospel in Christ more alive and richer in meaning.

  4. How many times must the Son come so we can recognize the Father. How much more we have to learn before we can be one with the Father. I wonder often. On this coming Easter holiday, I am just thankful that we are loved by the Father whom many have not recognized.

    1. When we journey by His light, our senses are heightened and He touches us easily, I reckon. The goosebumps – His Presence, I believe. Relish your journey 🙂

    1. Thank you Sandra – this week’s postings are dedicated to Holy Week. Have a blessed journey, Eric (P/s Is your blog down – can’t log in)

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