Yesterday 7th February, Lisa and I celebrated 31 years of married life.

I don’t want to sound smug or treat this frivolously when I say, this is unsurprising as we both went in for the long haul…no matter what. I wrote this poem for her in 2000 – it hangs on our wall.

We married on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, 1981. Some of you already read our story > Cognac

More love poems to come as a run-up to Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2012



  1. Beautiful! It made me anticipate whose rib bone I’ve got! haha, just kidding. Your wife, dear sir, is lucky to have a sweet and romantic husband as you. I’m sure you’re lucky to have her too since she’s the reason for those beautiful words you create 😀

    1. Thank you Frank.

      Never did I see myself as a romantic…but I suppose when one is blessed with the right person, anyone can become a romantic – even Eric.

      I would love to read more of your journey – snippets here and there perhaps 🙂

      Luv and peace, Eric

    1. Congratulations to you for landing this award.

      You are a former Marine and grew up in Mafia country…many stories for you to tell, I am sure.

      Thank you for nominating me for this award. Very pleased to be recognised by fellow bloggers.

      All good wishes, Eric 🙂
      P/s – I love Chinese food too – my favourite

  2. Eric, your Lisa is a most blessed woman indeed to have you! Love the rib bone-as-candle concept. The light of your life expressed in such a uniquely Ericky way!

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