When people hate me, they give me hope…

In hate, there is hope of better things to come…

(P/s: Over the next few days, I hope to build on this and post some positive thoughts & poems about Love…as a run-up to Valentines Day – as some of you know, I’m not good at mushy stuff but not afraid of testing new ground)



  1. I love this.Though I am definitely a work in progress – it is hard to not be hurt by hate. With that said – I do like this sentiment and will be calling it to mind when I am confronted with hateful situations.

    ::speak peace and love on::

    1. Thank you and yes, hate hurts very badly…I reckon a man who hates has love buried deep within. Are we prepared to mine deep enough to discover him…and in the process find our own love…that is a challenge!

  2. Hating is preferred by some people to being ignored. While I do see the point that hate at least keeps the dialogue open, I also have seen how very dangerous hatred can be. This U.S. current election season really scares me. What some would be willing to do should it appear the election is not going their way really sets my neck hairs on end!

  3. Good words and a great way of looking at hate…..Go on Lovely Eric ‘get down and mushy’…I’m betting you’ll surprise yourself – love and hugs Jane xx

  4. This post is true because in order to hate someone you have to know they are there but to ignore you can just walk right on by. I love the way you worded this and the realism that is located in it too.

    1. Oh dear Sandy, you are so sweet.
      As I mentioned in my earlier post The Cognac, an empty goblet gives me full of hope…of what is to come.
      Peace, Eric

      1. Only an empty glass of cognac, dear Eric? But what makes me really curious are your Valentine posts. Show us how romantic you are! 😉

        Love and hugs
        Steph xx

      2. When I am reflective, I say the goblet is not empty but full of hope…depends on how you want to fill it with the choices you make.

        When I am light, I say Hic!

        Luv and hugz 🙂

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