January 23rd is Lunar New Year or popularly known as Chinese New Year. Thisย is the Year of the Dragon, an especially auspicious year.

I wish everyone a…



  1. Wishing you a very Happy and Successful new year of the dragon. Abundant good returns and sharing of your joy throughout. Zhu Ni Long Nian Xin Ta Yun (wish you great fortune in every aspect in this year of the Dragon).

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! I like what I read so far on here, and thank you for liking my post!

    jordan c.

  3. Being largely of Welsh descent, I am especially happy to say “Happy Chinese New Year” on this, the Year of the Dragon. Lunar New Year?

  4. Born in the year of the Dragon 1940, I thank you for your good wishes and return them to you on my breath, not of fire, but of infinite blessings. Love David

    1. Wow! We have a dragon in our midst – an auspicious sign. That is lovely to know. Thank you for your blessings David. Have an especial year ahead, Eric

  5. Happy new year, my dearest Eric. Some time ago I used to have a Vietnamese colleague at work, he always offered us drinks and snacks on the day of the Chinese New Year, sadly he works somewhere else now. Pity, one celebration less.
    Love and three kisses (our custom on the New Year) from Steph, (you know the silly one who likes you)

    1. Dear Steph,
      Thank you and wish you were in Singapore…we have plenty of CNY cookies and snacks. We have a good excuse too, for gorging on them – supposed to bring us good luck. The more we eat, the more the luck. How is that for tradition and custom? I like your custom too.
      Lots of hugz and luv,

      1. Take care of your weight!!! When you put me in front of a cake or cookies I tend to binge certainly if it is supposed to bring luck!. Luckily I keep thinking about my waist and don’t eat for another day after that and work out a bit in the garden, but still. I’m easily seduced, (with food that is!) and ah, I wish I was there, away from our grey winter.
        Love and a big hug for the New Year and 3 more kisses (custom you see)
        Steph xxx

  6. Eric my dear, you are a great humane human! You care for one n all in the whole wide world for all religions color n caste. My heart felt regards for you n your entire family n friends.

    1. Dear Tanveer, you are always full of lovely praises. Thank you.
      It is true that we are all of one body in god and love…but quite often some focus on how different each finger looks.
      All good wishes,

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