Thank you gabrielsfury and  Coffee Shop Horrors for nominating my efforts for the Versatile Bloggers Award on 28th & 29th Dec 2011, respectively. Do forgive me for taking so long to get around to this. I accept multiple awards as it gives me opportunities to pass it on to encourage fellow bloggers. Plus, nothing like having peers recognise one’s efforts.

To accept this award, we need to do three (3) things:

(i) Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in our post

Please treat this as done with pleasure 🙂

(ii) Share seven things about myself.

Okay, I shall reveal 7 new things (not about authoring):

  1. 1. As a young man, my dream was to become a lawyer but ended up an engineer.

2. Having said that, I enjoyed my time in aerospace engineering, which I came to love.

3. I passed my engineer’s licence exams but had to wait for 3 months to get the practising licence until I reached 21 – the examiners messed up – and I was 3 months short.

4. I trained as an engineer in the UK and USA, making several trips to these countries.

5. I am trained on both rotary (helicopters) and fixed (aeroplanes) wing aircraft…at that time, the only engineer in Singapore to cross that divide.

6. I spent almost all my engineering working life in workshops, not hangers.

7. Though I reached management grade, I retained my tool kit in my office to remember my roots. I still have that complete tool kit at home – beautifully crafted tools – Snap On, Craftsman, Proto… 

Now for the main event 🙂

(iii) Nominate 15 bloggers. My nominations, not in any order of merit, are:

1. thekreativecorner      >

2. grandfathersky      >

3. jhasmoments >

4. bringing words      to life >

5. Scraps of Madness >

6. Underneath my skin, soul and mind >

7. Caliburnus Rises      >

8. Ron Kozloff >

9. Conniededona >

10. Therottengenius >

11. Raininginkdrops >

12. Sean King >

13. Word Hits >

14. Jaguar1850 >

15. Jacqsilver >

Congratulations, all nominees. You are free to accept/decline/ignore this award. There is no time limit to exercise your acceptance – as far as I know. This is supposed to be fun and not stressful.

Happy Blogging throughout 2012. Eric 🙂



  1. Thanks very much for nominating me Eric, it was a very much appreciated surprise. I will follow it up by nominating my favourite 15 – this is a great way to find new blogs and increase the “community” 🙂

    1. You are very welcome, Steve.
      Take your time and yes, what a wonderful way to meet people.
      Cheers, Eric
      P/s I like that piece about ‘too-long’ (Now, now ladies, this is man-talk and don’t get any ideas 🙂 )

  2. Congratulations ! and thank you for the nomination. I continue to enjoy your postings – Just saw the date on your post it’s still Saturday Jan 14 here ;-). – gs

    1. Dear GS,
      Thank you. Your posts deserve this award and more.
      Saturday 14th…hmmm, speak about living in the past and in the future – so much for man-made time eh?
      All good wishes, Eric (the man from your future 🙂 )

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