1. Wise words! Something we could all do well to read and remember every blessed day. Thanks a lot for this, and your site is inspiring! Keep polishing that pen 🙂

    Thank you also for dropping into my blog, its much appreciated!

    Every blessing

    1. Hello Doose,
      Much appreciate your visit and comments.
      Pen polishing in process 🙂
      All good wishes,
      P/s Thank you for subscribing. I enjoyed my visit to your blog and plan to return.

  2. Your blog is filled with such thought provoking and inspiring words. Thank you so much for such a positive moment, actually many positive ones as I have been reading your work throughout your posts. Simply amazing and wonderful. I look forward to reading more.

  3. What a novel thought? Sometimes we are meant to be last in circumstances and should accept that. Striving for greatness is often accomplished by walking on the broken backs of others to gain our objective. In God’s planning we need to accept that we are all equal. Neither better nor worse than our peers.

    1. “Striving for greatness is often accomplished by walking on the broken backs of others to gain our objective”

      Oooh! What a brutal but truthfilled observation. Thank you for sharing…I’ll remember this, Eric

  4. Thanks for liking my post. I think my musical style is successful in combining the worst of both the Country and the Blues traditions.

    Thanks again for your Mike Leigh and other stories. I think I have copied or lifted something of your style or voice, as I’ve started a series of my own, the George Packard, retired schoolteacher, series – which I’ll start posting soon. The way you used the alterego voice inspired me to try it too.

    All the best.

    1. Country + Blues = something new, yes an eclectic mix.

      Glad that Mechanic Leigh triggered something. I look forward to visiting to read the exploits of GP.

      All good wishes, Eric

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