1. This is the most gorgeous piece i have ever read on shadows..wow..still marveling at your thoughts…so true…what an amazing great read..
    “but step on me and i walk away”
    Eric can’t thank you enough for sending the link…

    1. You made my day with your Wows! Thank you so very much 🙂
      P/s I found that post about the Ethiopian girl protected by 3 lions from those 7 men – really makes you wonder who is the beast.
      Peace, Eric

  2. I loved this. I think if we could all be FELT yet not SEEN…we may actually be able to KNOW one another…without fear of precnceived notions based on nothingness. After all…and I have said it many times…were always supposed to be different from one another. But our differences should be what brings us together…not separate us.

    This is the thing I love about writing…you cannot see me…therefore we are equals in your “sight”…judge by what I say…because that is all that I can control. The texture of my hair or tone of my skin were decided for me…from one that I never judge.

    Thank you so much for your visit to my page…you are always welcome.

    Peace and Blessings to you

  3. Terriffic, fabulous, Eric — far and away my favorite of yours since I started reading you. This is playfully inviting, yet warning; dancing, yet marching; flying, yet creeping! How wonderful to give the other party that choice at the end!

    1. Dear ‘granbee’
      You pick out the nuances so well. As you already know, I try to make my posts multifaceted.
      Yes, choices – the ultimate freedom, I reckon.
      Peace, Eric

  4. Well, done, Eric. The equality of man: whatever, colour, whatever, their look, their shadows always are the same. Very nice image. I like it. We have not as much sun as the tropics, so less shadows too, Could that explain why our forebears have been such conquerors, forcing people all over the world in submission or why some ages over here excelled in crimes against humanity?



    1. Hello Steph my dear,

      Taken in many perspectives, we are all the same and in time will become one. Meanwhile, zealots celebrate our differences…to our detriment.

      I have my own take on human conquests – always driven by commerce, under the guise of religion, freedom and civilization.

      Only people of temperate climates launch conquests – due to the seasons, we are hoarders, over producing and saving for wintry months. Peoples in the tropical belt produce enough, as no winter means no need to hoard – produce available year round. Taken in this macro context, it is no wonder that the Orientals (Mongoloid) and Occidentals (Caucasoid) undertook human conquests. Of course, this is simplifying matters and as such may seem porous – but I can write a book on this and bore everyone to death, especially the zealots. Perhaps, not such a bad idea 🙂

      Sorry if I bored you…but I enjoy delving into the why’s and whereof’s and do not always subscribe to what the experts dish out. After all, an expert is an ‘ex’ and a ‘spurt’ (squirt of urine). My apologies for being crude…but it is colourful, you must agree.

      Hugz, Eric

      1. My dearest Eric

        I wasn’t bored for a second. It is, as you say, a simplification, but therefore not less true. I would even say that it wasn’t driven by commerce, in the sense that I am selling you something for more money than it is worth, what equals a form of (petty) theft. It was just plain robbery, they just took what they wanted, be it gold, spices or worst of all slaves, destroying the culture at the same time.
        And when it comes to experts, most of them are self-appointed, and once they have made one statement that nobody contradicts, they become oracles. But I must say that your vision of them is far more original than mine. Why doesn’t that surprise me at all 🙂
        If you write that book, I’ll certainly be the first (and who knows the only one) to buy it. 🙂

        Love and a lot of hugs for the weekend


  5. Love this! Not only the concept but the images that you’ve conjured with not only the words but how you designed the image with the poem on it. I want to be Shadow too. =)

  6. Eric, your poem brought me here tonight “Like the shadow, I Am and I Am Not” Rumi
    It is a nice place to be and I love your poem. I have wondered about the shadow my whole life.

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