1. This touches me. I believe strongly in aligning actions with words. I love you is so easy to say (for some) but rarely matched with sincerity, true representation and consistency. Thank you Eric.

    1. @vixytwix
      Glad to have you visit and comment.
      It is terrible that “I love you” has become a casual toss on par with “Hi”.

      “Integrity…you fade into the world of legends and myths, how I miss you” – Eric Alagan

  2. Eric, real love does affect us like writing on our “walls” with a ball of fire! A GOOD thing, yes? I really enjoyed your handwriting on my writerly wall today as I read this post! Personally, I don’t believe a “cheatin’ heart” has enough fuel at any given point in time to burn a message on anyone — maybe scratch a scribble or two, huh?

    1. Very well said ‘granbee’
      You are right in that a ‘cheating heart’ is a like wisp of stale smoke – stinks a little but never makes a permanent mark.
      Thank you for your sharing, always love it,

  3. Markings give directions for better or for worse – a lesson in our journey of life. Use the markings to reach a higher path and that would have served its purpose.

  4. Some markers change colors after their ink fades. Like tattoos that have been in the sun in extreme rays of light, they change and transform through time. Always appearing, just a different hue. Like jaguars on the hunt, some words bite like an animal and need to be refined. Whitearrows find wounded hearts…their marks leave trails of light.

  5. People do mark hearts. What we say and do can have enormous impact. I would hope that if anyone leaves a mark on your heart, that mark would be the indelible message of God’s love for you…and that you would make it welcome and let it be.
    Be blessed. — Frank

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