As I mentioned, besides PE, story time on Tuesdays was also the high point in our school week. It was such fun, two enjoyable ‘lessons’ and in two days in a row!

The teacher from Class 1D would take this session. Miss Alvis (the Ms. has not been invented yet) was British and very good at story telling. The children would gather at the front of the classroom, sit crossed legged on the floor and listen to her in rapt silence, broken by giggles and squeals as the story unfolded.

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Of course, I knew but I wanted to hear it from her. We show-people have such huge egos that required constant stoking.

“Because you did not wear any underwear and we all saw.”

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  1. So embarrassing, but it would have been much worse for you if they had told you at the time. Much better to hear of it years afterward. I may have had experiences like this, but no one has told me about them yet. I did not do any such performance though. I was painfully shy as a child and became more so as I grew. What cured me finally was going to graduate school and being assigned to teach a calculus section. It was horrifying, but it did me much good. Now when I teach, I do it much like a performance and when it goes well, when I can feel the connection with the students it is such a wonderful thing.

    1. You’re very right – it would have been worse if they had pointed and laughed at that time.

      As adults, we looked back and had a real good laugh. Of course by the time we left school, we boys had messed around with some of the girls and in later years, they had more to be shy about, I reckon…

      Even seasoned speakers get butterflies in their stomachs. I suppose it gets worse for people who are naturally retiring and shy…

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      2. You will not see it in your emails but if you go to your Comments page, you’ll see a Spam folder on the top header…

        BTW, I posted your comment on your latest Poem of the Day – the one about black and white. Incidentally, I also touched on this same topic in my post Shadow >

      3. I approved both comments. Don’t know why they went under spam… thanks for your feedback. yes, people will always find something to fight over, unfortunately…

    1. More than the story – I love that photo – thought it was taken by the beach at sunset until Leigh confided that it was a studio backdrop. I simply had to add it into the story.

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