Today, we get to know Kapilar, the renowned poet of the Sangam era, better. Much of what we know of Vel Pari comes from Kapilar’s extant poetry.


I can already see the many shortcomings of these video productions. One example: the voice-over can be much better, as it lacks the emotion and nuances to bring the narrative alive. It is also difficult to reproduce images depicting the people and places of the time. These will improve with the machine learning improvements of the AI platforms. Meanwhile, thank you for bearing with me.



  1. Hi.Eric,

    I’m a total layman or woman where AI is concerned, lol. Simply marvel at the images you came up with that gels well with the story.

    Vel Pari is Amazon top for Ancient South Indian history, With Kollywood making more epic movies relating to this genre, hope your book will gain higher recognition. A bestseller will be a great start!

    Things have surely changed. In your story, the audience decides what to pay to the story-teller, poet or any performer. These days, the cinema or publisher dictates the price to the audience/reader. Lol.

    Anyway, have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Hi Windy,
      AI is fascinating but open to much abuse, and shady characters are already indulging in producing deep fakes. For now, the industry is purportedly self-regulating. But when it comes to trapping eyeballs for their own agenda, people will bend and then break their promises.
      Regarding Kollywood movies – yes, that’s a thought. Bless you!
      Nowadays, whoever owns the on-line platform – Facebook, YouTube, etc etc etc – calls the shots. The new pharaohs. Guess who the slaves are? In the old days the slaves knew where they stood and occasionally rose up. The modern day slave is too addicted to recognise the chain and guardrails that dictate his/her lives.
      Anyway, we do our best. Have a lovely week ahead too,

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