Some of you might have read my first collection of shorts – 100 Very Short Stories.

Here is my second anthology of short stories, creatively named – Flash Fiction. The stories are longer, at an average of five minutes’ read each.

Hope you like the cover by the same artist who did the 100 Very Short Stories. 

Scheduled for release on 15 October 2022

*** Click this link or the Book Cover ***



    1. What do you know, the IT leprechauns sent your comment to the spam folder!
      Thank you, Ian, for your kind words.
      I’ve always been a busy little bee, even if I say so myself. The secret is my lack of any genuine talent. I don’t envy, but marvel at people who pick up new things and excel. Whereas, I need to slog for years to reach any decent level of anything – it has always been like that. I sometimes delude myself that I’m the tortoise. LOL!
      For example, I know several authors who churn out 4 to 6 full novels a year. Granted, these stories might be set in contemporary times which arguably require less research vis-à-vis historical novels. But even then, four or more novels in a year—mind-boggling.
      Have a great weekend ahead,

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