Hello, everyone 🙂
Good to be back after a long hiatus.
Hope you like this video. More to follow.



  1. Hi Eric, the anonymous was me, Windy. I realise now that I have to hit my icon button to reply, otherwise it will not show up my name. That was not the case previously. Anyway, I hope I got this right.

    1. Hi there, Windy,
      Good to have you visit too 🙂
      Yes, it did take some doing but I’m getting there.
      Many authors view AI as a threat, but it is here to stay. So, instead of fighting it, why not embrace it. The downside is, the changes are taking place literally daily. And there are thousands of new platforms sprouting up every week. It is quite a ride.
      All good wishes, ahead, dear!

      1. You truly champion the saying “never too old to learn.” Thoigh I must admit that it gets harder with age plus we are not IT savvy. Having said that, I’m also proud that we are not totally “lost,”. LOL!

      2. Hi there,
        Not sure who this comment is from, as you show up as “Anonymous”. Since time immemorial, WordPress has been doing this on and off. What a relief that somethings in life don’t change LOL.
        Anyway, thank you for your visit and comment 🙂
        During my formative years, I learned that if one were to spend an hour a day, over a two year period, on a particular subject, one will not become a master, but will be knowledgeable enough to navigate one’s way. In my case, it has been proven to be true. I say this not to boast, but to encourage others in my age group.

    1. Hello Ian,
      I’m so very happy to see you. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, and you’re keeping healthy and hearty.
      I’ve been learning to use the various artificial intelligence (AI) tools. This is my first attempt at creating an asset. It’s exhilarating – learning all the new stuff.
      Thank you for your visit and comment.

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