Mid-18th century South India. Puli Thevar and Yusuf Khan, the two foremost warriors of their time, found themselves on opposite sides. The former fought the East India Company; the latter fought for the English. Many freedom fighters followed Puli Thevar’s wake, but he is the best known of the early South Indian Polygar kings who took on the English. Sadly, Yusuf Khan’s fame, some say notoriety, overshadowed Puli Thevar’s achievements. (Scroll down – read more)

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In subsequent years, Yusuf Khan – born Marudhanayagam but embraced Islam and adopted the name Yusuf Khan – rebelled against his English masters. But as he had fought and subdued several Tamil kings and committed various brutalities while in English service, many people in present day Tamil Nadu continue to view him as a traitor. But others see him as a patriot who turned against the English.

So intense are the emotions that when Kamal Haasan, a famous Tamil movie star and politician, tried to produce a film based on Yusuf Khan – titled after his Hindu name, Marudhanayagam – he encountered a groundswell of opposition that stalled the project. A segment of the population did not welcome the storyline, which portrayed Marudhanayagam in a positive light. Yusuf Khan a.k.a. Marudhanayagam remains a controversial character.

But one fact remains unassailable. Puli Thevar was the only Polygar king who defeated Yusuf Khan in battle. How did they meet? What transpired between the two stalwarts? How did Puli Thevar defeat Yusuf Khan, whom even the English spoke of in the same breath as Robert Clive of India? The novel gives a peek.

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  1. India before the British Raj
  2. Colonel Heron & Yusuf Khan
  3. Puli Thevar the Tiger Killer
  4. The English Ravage the Polygar Country
  5. Heron’s Assault on Nel-Kattan-Seval
  6. Nattam Pass
  7. The Battle of Nattam Pass
  8. Travancore Alliance
  9. Kala-Kaadu
  10. Rout in Kala-Kaadu
  11. Winners and Losers of Kala-Kaadu
  12. Puli Thevar brings the fight to the Nawab
  13. Senchorru-kadan, Blood Debt
  14. The Battle for Srivillee-Puthur
  15. A Bitter Victory in Srivillee-Puthur
  16. Betrayal and Brutality
  17. Yusuf Khan enters the Fray
  18. Yusuf Khan Besmirched
  19. Battle for Tinnevelly
  20. Administering Tinnevelly
  21. Puli Thevar meets Yusuf Khan
  22. Guerrilla War
  23. Bloody Nose for the Company
  24. The Fall of Palamkottai
  25. Maharajan Karthika Thirunal
  26. Yusuf Khan sent South again
  27. Friends and Foes
  28. Battle for Vasudeva-Nellore
  29. Puli Thevar defeats Yusuf Khan
  30. Betrayal and Arrest
  31. The Last Days of Puli Thevar

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  1. In recent times hearing many un told history and bold achievements in his war for freedom about Brave Puli Thevan. Very nice.

    1. Hi, Nandhakumar,

      First comment, I see. Welcome aboard 🙂

      Yes, Puli Thevar’s story needs telling as (arguably) he was among the first freedom fighters of India. Moreover, Tamil history is very rich and it is my pleasure to do my part and share it with the world.

      All good wishes,

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