Bards of ancient South India praised the military victories of kings and received fabulous gifts. When the kings embarked on naked aggression, they risked criticism.


  1. Like it or not, the human mind is wired to promote oneself at the expense of all else. Naked aggression continues around the world. Motives and methods keep evolving, but naked aggression never changes.

    1. Very true, Ankur,

      Times have changed,
      Names have changed
      Some things don’t change
      There will always be pharaoh
      And there will always be slave


  2. sorry to hear that about Singapore. Governments become a virtual entity that eventually loses sight of the people and begins to live to support itself. At least that’s what I’ve seen. The US started with high ideals, but has devolved toward that, I’m afraid.

    1. Hello Bill,

      In Singapore, if a man holds a placard and stands silently on a street corner – he is arrested for assembling without a police permit. This is the extend to which the government has clamped down on civil liberties.

      This year they passed a fake news law – the ruling party holds an overwhelming parliamentary majority – whereby anyone caught spreading fake news can be jailed and fined up to $1 million. But the government ministers and agencies do not fall under this law. How about that! In fact, the fake news law has given the government ministers the right to decide between truth and fake. This in a country where almost everything – even when you reserve a book in the library – comes under the Official Secrets Act. The public is not given ready access to information but they get slammed for spreading fake news. Of course, one can turn to the courts for justice – if you have the time and money.

      Interestingly, the west remains silent because the government is VERY business friendly. When Big Money looks the other way, the politicians they bankroll, also look the other way.

      We need change…

      1. Sorry to hear that, Eric. The US is following that in many ways. When some pass laws which they are exempt from, it’s a very bad sign.

  3. Many learnt too late that they can’t take with them the worldly treasure. We arrived bare and the same we go. If we can share our blessings here, hopefully that will initiate a chain reaction. Why hoard what we can’t keep.

    1. Hello Windy,

      Avarice blinds and blinds a person like nothing else.

      The wealthy who continue to accumulate more than what they need are pathetic and idiotic. The emperor keeps filling his wardrobe with new clothes.


  4. My mother, who didn’t ascribe to the maxim “You can never be too rich, too young or too thin.” often quoted it as a means of describing a person. She wrote poetry but this didn’t get into her efforts as a bard. Most of her poems addressed the sadness of friends lost to war (WWII). She would have loved this post.

    1. Hello Jane,

      My family suffered badly during World War 2 under the Japanese Occupation but we saw it/see it as a war worth fighting.

      But most of the wars since then were fought to line the pockets of the military-industrial fraternity and their cronies in government, I reckon. The young and the gullible bleed while the rich bloat on blood.

      My sentiments – one is never too poor or too powerless to help another. I’ve lived by this maxim and paid a high price in the corporate world and private life. No regrets. Will do it all over again – but perhaps with a bit more finesse and diplomacy.


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