1. I used to do a lot of haiku, and I started getting spammed to death. I did this one a while back just for them…
        I like to Haiku —
        But life what inspires prompts—
        The spammers delight
        Have a good night Eric.

    1. Hello Indira,

      Yes, the powers that are condition people into thinking and acting in a certain way.

      For example, 99% of people concerned about climate change blame fossil fuel as the primary culprit. Burning fossil fuel is a major contributor – true. But the single largest contributor, by far – by far – is animal agriculture. For various reasons, even the major environmental groups do not want to address this.


      *** Brain Washed ***

      Conditioned from birth
      Life in the matrix the norm
      Cannibals in suits

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  1. Unfortunately that’s the way it is in our sad world. Occasionally there are some who are pushed into positions of power who have a genuine concern for those they serve. It’s a choice between servant leadership and having others serve you isn’t it? The vast majority opt for leadership for self purposes.

    1. Hello Ian,

      I like that hyphenated word: servant-leadership. That is true leadership.

      Most of the leaders we have – in all fields – are self-serving. Some are better at covering their motives/goals than others.


      *** Age of Kali ***
      Avarice and more
      Evil is the new normal
      Metastasis reins

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Yes, I suppose we can blame destiny.

      Or is destiny what we make of it?

      I wonder,

      *** Forks in the Road ***
      From start to the end
      Many paths, many choices
      Some learn, some never

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

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