BROTHER GRINN: I saw Grandpa Grinn on the sidewalk, Brother Grinn. Tottering along as usual.

BROTHER GRINN: That’s dangerous, Brother Grinn, what with people striding briskly past and cutting in front and all. Someone might knock him down.

BROTHER GRINN: Actually people gave him a wide berth, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Oh, I get it, Brother Grinn. He was swinging his umbrella about.

BROTHER GRINN: Better than that, Brother Grinn. He had a sign board hanging down his back.

BROTHER GRINN: So, are you going to tell me, Brother Grinn, or are you waiting for Christmas?

 BROTHER GRINN: Christmas came early for me, Brother Grinn. I took Ms Wah-Wah-Whee and her twin sister Dun-Leve-Me out to dinner last night.

BROTHER GRINN: Scored two goals huh, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: (Grinning.)

You have to read his mind, folks, because Eric has banned the Brothers Grinn from going into details.

Geez! Some of you are so graphic! Perhaps Eric would be better off letting the Brothers Grinn go into details.

BROTHER GRINN: So, what did Grandpa’s signboard say, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Stay away, unless you wish to smell the fragrances of my life.


BROTHER GRINN: That’s the Cossack in Grandpa’s bloodline, Brother Grinn.



BROTHER GRINN: That’s the Cossack in our bloodline, Brother Grinn.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018 ***

Fear not, dear readers. The Brothers Grinn are banned from replying to your comments. Feel free to comment away!

BROTHER GRINN: The god who rules our lives.

BROTHER GRINN: You can say that again, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: The god who rules our lives.



    1. Hello Lauren,

      Back in the 1970s, I had an old Dutchman for a boss. The first day he joined the company, he warned me not to come up behind him. His warning had remained with me all my life 🙂


  1. Ha ha! Eric I was looking on Google Earth for my old stamping ground at Chong Pang village back in the early 70s. I lived in one of the flats above the “Country Inn” but can’t remember the name of the road – looks like it is gone though. Before your time maybe.

    1. Hello Dennis,

      Good to know that all is well with you. Good here too 🙂

      I might be wrong but believe Country Inn was in the neighbourhood of another joint – Cola Restaurant. Or was Country Inn opposite Sembawang Gate?

      Most of the roads around Chong Pang are gone – Bah Soon Pah, Kee Ann, and so forth. You will not recognize the place. Now they have exotic names like Canberra Avenue 1, Avenue 2, Avenue 3, through 173 🙂 I exaggerate of course but you know what I mean.


  2. If people can smell Grandpa Grinn’s fragrance a distance away, I think it will be too late by the time they read his signboard, Lol.

    1. Hello Jane,

      I schedule my Monday posts for one minute past midnight Singapore time which is one minute past noon in New York City. Pleased that it works for you.


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