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BROTHER GRINN: I saw Grandpa Grinn on the sidewalk, Brother Grinn. Tottering along as usual.

BROTHER GRINN: That’s dangerous, Brother Grinn, what with people striding briskly past and cutting in front and all. Someone might knock him down.

BROTHER GRINN: Actually people gave him a wide berth, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Oh, I get it, Brother Grinn. He was swinging his umbrella about.

BROTHER GRINN: Better than that, Brother Grinn. He had a sign board hanging down his back.

BROTHER GRINN: So, are you going to tell me, Brother Grinn, or are you waiting for Christmas?

 BROTHER GRINN: Christmas came early for me, Brother Grinn. I took Ms Wah-Wah-Whee and her twin sister Dun-Leve-Me out to dinner last night.

BROTHER GRINN: Scored two goals huh, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: (Grinning.)

You have to read his mind, folks, because Eric has banned the Brothers Grinn from going into details.

Geez! Some of you are so graphic! Perhaps Eric would be better off letting the Brothers Grinn go into details.

BROTHER GRINN: So, what did Grandpa’s signboard say, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Stay away, unless you wish to smell the fragrances of my life.


BROTHER GRINN: That’s the Cossack in Grandpa’s bloodline, Brother Grinn.



BROTHER GRINN: That’s the Cossack in our bloodline, Brother Grinn.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018 ***

Fear not, dear readers. The Brothers Grinn are banned from replying to your comments. Feel free to comment away!

BROTHER GRINN: The god who rules our lives.

BROTHER GRINN: You can say that again, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: The god who rules our lives.


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