1. We do shop on line but I agree with Jane, the ads look a lot better than the reality at times. we’ve got some really good stuff through internet shopping and we’ve got some poor quality stuff too. I like to see what I buy and when it comes to kitchen appliances and the bigger stuff I’m very careful to read all the descriptions carefully. I notice you dealt with another pressing issue too. What happens to the broken discarded stuff we buy and it’s effect on the earth not to mention the health danger to those surfing dumps to extract dangerous metals.

    1. Hello Ian,
      On line shopping does have drawbacks.
      The same can be said about shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. For me, the biggest beef is (especially in Singapore now) one cannot step into a store to browse without some over eager sales person sticking to you like glue; insisting on following you around; and making sales suggestions as soon as you so much as pause before some item. I’ve mentioned this to the sales glues – “Please, give us some privacy and space”. The standard reply – that’s what their boss insists. And my standard reply – “Tell your boss he just lost a sale.” And I step out never to return to that store. Generally sales staff can make or break one’s shopping experience.
      I just vented again. LOL.


      Expensive bus stops
      Don’t pause, don’t linger, don’t browse
      Stop, pick and go

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Hello Shalilah,
      Yes, window shopping can be great fun.
      At one time I was a serious collector of watches and would spend hours window shopping.
      But now in Singapore, it is difficult to window shop. There is so much pressure on the sales staff to make a sale that the moment one pauses before a storefront, some over painted moron will step out and accost you. Even after informing them politely that you would like to browse – they’ll stick to your elbow and insist on giving a running commentary on everything your eyes fell on.
      Oh well.

      Lost the right to browse
      The lost art of salesmanship
      Browse on internet

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  2. I still prefer the traditional shopping: walk the mall, have meal breaks in between, feel and try the item I am buying and lug the baggage home happily. During the festive seasons especially Christmas, it is even better where we get to soak in the lights and mood. My sis was just lamenting that the malls will have to close down to cramp up more residential buildings, if online purchase becomes the norm. We barely have interesting places to visit, and soon to be deprived of this favorite pastime.

    Online purchase may be convenient, but there is always an element of doubt and more often, it is a guessing game. Though sometime you get to return the goods, it can become a hassle. Not to mention when there are scam jobs everywhere now. Human race will turn into recluse, working and study from home, online purchase, home movies, maybe virtual travel, etc. Our constant companion is the cold computer.

    1. Hello Windy dear,
      Obviously you enjoy a spot of shopping. And yes, many make an event out of shopping. Lovely and idyllic when you can also get to hang onto the arm of a loved one.
      But you also paint a bleak future – a dystopia of sorts. Arrrgh!
      Virtual travel can be exhilarating, I reckon. If done the natural way – via the astral.

      Glitzy Singapore
      Live to work, not work to live
      Curse of city states

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  3. Great haiku, Eric. I’ve shopped online several times and admit to liking its convenience. However, I still enjoy shopping in the stores. I try to find a balance somewhere in between. 🙂

    1. Hello Lauren,
      I share your shopping habits 🙂

      Choice of more than two
      Cannot beat a good balance
      Better than extremes

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  4. Except for buying necessary things, shopping in stores never held much interest for me. I like catalogs where the offerings are fewer and more to the point than in shopping malls.

    1. Hello Ina,
      You’re right. A well curated catalogue helps with purchase decisions.

      Buffets not the best
      Take more than we need or eat
      Regret bloated bills

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  5. I never had a joy of shopping, but I find the internet store seductive and deceptive; yes, very deceptive, I now know without question, that I need to see and touch my purchases before I buy. Here’s to a rebirth in the elusive joy of shopping! I was tempted to further this sentiment with a ‘down with Amazon, up with Walmart” chorus but can’t go that far!

    1. Hello Jane,
      Down with Amazon, up with Walmart – LOL!
      I don’t know about the USA but over here we get news stories of how poorly Walmart pays their store staff. But considering that every newspaper has an owner with an agenda – difficult to accept but also difficult to ignore these news reports.

      Hidden hands control
      A battlefield of puppets
      Buyers buy tickets

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

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