1. Have a great weekend yourself.
        Work on the boat is still ongoing – 3 rooms done and the last about 1/4 done. We have been ripping out and re-building, which wasn’t part of the initial plan, so the over-run is acceptable. And we’ll have much better space once we’re all done. Thanks for thinking of us.

    1. Good to have you visit, Lauren.
      You’ve dropped off blogging a bit. Welcome back, and thank you for the nice compliment.
      Trust that you’re coping well with your loss.
      Prayers and peace,

      1. Thanks, Eric, and yes, I haven’t blogged since January and thought for sure I had been forgotten! It’s nice to be back and see familiar faces, but I doubt I’ll reach the same momentum as in the past. I hope you’re doing well, and I really love this piece. I’m doing okay. Time heals, but tears still surface off and on. Losing my dad is tough, but now with both gone, well, it’s more difficult to process. Anyway, stay well and it’s good to see you!

    1. Thank you Jane dear.

      A breeze – your sensual touch
      A jasmine – your scintillating scent
      A nightingale – your soothing voice
      A mango – your sweet taste
      A perfect painting – and, what a sight!

      All good wishes for the weekend,

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