1. You’re right – two sides pulling and yielding – both seeking ascendancy.

      BTW, your post – “Life is short…So smile while you’ve teeth” – gave me a smile. Yes, I do have all my teeth πŸ™‚

  1. Love is a positive heartwarming feeling, makes you alive.
    Hate is negative and drains you mentally and physically.
    Life is short, so it’s better to live happily than suffer unnecessary burden.

  2. I looked up the movie link and yes, I’ve watched it too. Indeed, love is natural, surpass color and shortcomings. To overcome the barrier together and make it through is a challenge, not that you are accountable to anyone for the choice you made, but because you simply have to live and face society. Now why must the world have a say about your choice, I could never fathom.

    1. Hi, Windy dear,

      Why must the world interfere with your choice of partner?
      People and their prejudices?
      People and their fears of the unknown?

      Fortunately, such prejudices and fears are lessening. I do know from personal experience, when we engage people and help them overcome their prejudices – they turn out to be quite wonderful.

      Luv and hugz,

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