Kenneth Branagh, as Col. Tim Collins, addresses the 1 Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, in the BBC production: “10 Days to War”.

Excellent screenplay/dialogue:

BBC has some of the most memorable TV/Film productions: Rome; House of Cards (not the US series but the 1990 BBC version); and more.


I inserted this video clip as part of my reply to Jane Stanfeld’s comment below. Thank you, dear Jane, for sharing your thoughts. 15 July 2016



    1. Hello Juliana,
      People have always been manipulated since day one.
      Saddam was no angel but his ilk knew how to handle terrorism.
      Ancient Indian saying: Use a thorn to dislodge a thorn.

    1. Hello Jane,
      Fighting men are placed in an untenable position.
      I believe in picking up arms to defend one’s loved ones, one’s people and one’s country.
      But I’m dead set against adventurism and risking the lives of young men and women (on all sides) just so fat cats can bloat filthy on blood money. Follow the money and one will identify the criminals.

      Institutions might change their names, titles might change, flags change and rallying calls change – but some things never change.
      There will always be pharaoh, there will always be slave.
      There will always be evil, there will always be ignorance.

      See also the video clip in the post above.


  1. You are absolutely right, Eric. Excellent screenplay/dialogue. His expression of humanitarian rights and dignity in the midst of war, touches me most.

    1. Thank you, Windy,
      I marvel at not only the thoughts and beliefs of this man but also the choice and use of language to articulate them.

  2. We are very lucky to have the BBC for all the current criticism it is an excellent service.As for Kenneth Branagh he is a wonderful actor and can be as believable as an Irish or as a Scandinavian detective.

  3. That is one of the most riveting speeches I’ve heard. While some may ponder whether we should have been in Iraq in the first place, this man obviously truly believed he was there in the interests of the Iraqi people.

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