1. Hello Eric,
    It is me-Jasey. WordPress has tightened the access and I’m no longer able to log in just by my private email. Anyway i registered for a free email in WordPress.

    We are each given a different talent, some to achieve a greater task and some to be the “sidekick”. How we choose to use or abuse this talent is in the journey of decisions we make in our life.

    1. You’re right, Jasey dearest,
      Talent is in-born – Gifts from Him – and needs no human approval to thrive, I reckon. In fact, the more one tries to put down real talent, the more it flourishes. Think of all the talented people who faced almost insurmountable challenges. Do we not marvel at their grit and rejoice in their success. Those who give up easily – well, perhaps they were not talented after all – not in that field, anyway.
      Peace, love and hugz,

  2. Surely all agree that each should use all the talents that have been bestowed upon them. However when we till, we also need outside support and encouragement for the talents each is given often don’t flourish without this additional push. Conversely, an outside negative comment can kill a lot of a person’s natural abilities. Outside encouragement is the sun and the rain on the field of tilled talent.

    1. Yes, outsiders can kill budding talent. Talent these outsiders too have – a talent for killing talent. Yet others have a talent to help one flourish. Perhaps, it is not what talents we possess but which ones we choose to pursue. Talented we all are – that much is true.
      Thank you, Jane, for your visit and comment – it provoked the above thought out of moi 🙂

  3. Sounds like hard work, Eric, ha, ha. Tilling our whole life through, oh dear ! But thank you for broadening the scope of “talent” so many can learn to appreciate what is given to them and use them effectively. Self worth builds confidence and hence the drive, me thinks.

    1. Society has a narrow definition of talent.
      I believe all good in a person is a talent – the ability to smile at strangers, the readiness to lend a hand, and most of all, the genuine joy one feels for the good fortune of neighbour, friend or relative. This last is especially interesting. People in church are quick to feign sympathy when misfortune befalls someone. But these same people stew in their juices when someone’s son or daughter does well in school, or someone’s husband is promoted in his job – you can see them turn blank or walk away – walk away with a great burden. I say church, because it has given me opportunity to observe people at close quarters. But I’m sure such behaviour is not unique to holly-wollies.
      Peace my dear and thank you for your ever presence here,

    1. Hello Ian,
      We’re all talented people. But many don’t recognise their talents – let alone use them – because society has a very narrow definition of “talent”, I reckon.

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