1. Loved it Eric Hmmmm my first approved first date was to a Drive -In but all my Date wanted to do was cuddle, I was trying to watch the movie, I think I got it wrong or was it right.?

    My best first Date in later years was with Ron my Husband, he brought me flowers too but one of the wheels on his new car got a puncher and he couldn’t change it so we spent most of the night waiting for the RACQ to come by the time we got to the Restaurant they were almost closing and we had left overs.

    Why was it the best date I had, because we had plenty of time to get to know each other and I realized Ron was a great listener and you can be sure with me that is important , some think my comments are long Lol

    Blessings – Anne.

    1. Hello Anne,
      That is so lovely of you to share your stories – I quite enjoyed them 🙂
      And all he wanted to do was cuddle – Hmmm – you just described almost all young guys who took their dates to a drive-in. At that age, we guys are not particularly creative. From what I gather – neither are the current lot of young guys!
      Ron got it right and I’m sure he did very well for himself 🙂
      Long comments are welcome 🙂
      Peace and blessings,

    1. Hello, Ian,
      Great to have you visit and comment.
      I wonder how many of us remember the first date with the woman whom we finally married.
      I recall, I was in camp doing my national service and we were given a weekend of civilian life. After all that grueling stuff in the field, I felt I deserved to reward myself. Emboldened, I called and asked for a date – yes, called 🙂
      National service does have its upside 🙂

      1. I’ve written a humorous poem about my first date somewhere back in the archives. You’re doing a great job in your new ventures. Enjoyed this one very much.

    1. Hello, Val
      And always great to see one of my favourite persons visit and comment.
      Yes, we did have fun too – behind the scenes, as well – it was hilarious.
      Trust that all is good in your neck of the woods.
      Luv and hugz 🙂

  2. Oh wow, Eric, nice one. I chuckle a bit at their mishap, bad of me, but I can blame you for coming up with this funny script. It’s always good that we can look back and laugh at all the silly things we do.

    In this film, I think the crows deserve some credit too for pooping at the right time and right place, ha,ha,ha.

    You said you have another film in the make. Will keep a lookout for it.

    1. Hello Jasey, dear
      It has been some time and nice to see you here.
      Thank you for your visit and comment – and yes, we should nominate the Crow for the Oscars: The nominees for the Best Animal, Bird or Insect in a short film are – crow, crow and crow – or, should that be – caw, caw. caw
      Hugz 🙂

    1. Aha! You caught that one, Chris 🙂
      Not many people did I think, because it was somewhat fleeting.
      P/s We can meet next week – a weekday – to go over the manuscript. I’ll be in touch.

  3. Hello Eric,
    With every film, it just gets better. It’s a sweet comedy, especially when love conquers. The cast were so natural as if they were not acting but you caught them on candid shot. Fantastic take from different angles combined with the right music. What can I say – congrats on another successful film.

    1. Hello Windy,
      So good to have you visit and comment – and thank you 🙂
      All the cast & crew were volunteers/hobbyists who gave up their time – for this, a full day’s shoot – to make this happen. Of course, we spent days/hours before and after the shoot for the pre and post work. It is no wonder, an average Hollywood movie takes more a year to bring to fruition – and these are full-time professionals.
      Yes, we have one more short film in the works – shooting this Saturday.
      Thank you for all your well wishes,

  4. Cute. Love conquers through all the embarrassing moments. 🙂 Good to see you back on. Best wishes on your new ‘career’ moves, Eric.

    1. Hello Joyce,
      Yes, when in love – we do some crazy stuff. Usually not funny then – we see the humour only much later in life.
      Thank you and all good wishes to you too,

      1. the image clarity was outstanding Eric – it looked very professional – reminds me of some first dates for me and my friends –

        left the lights on and the car battery was dead…. got stuck in a snow drift…


      2. LOL, that was a good one, Bill.
        I experienced something similar – my first car, which was about 14 years old and four previous owners. Took my date out and after dinner, the car refused to start. The starter motor would not engage. Of course, after repeated attempts, the battery went flat and we had to take a cab home 🙁

        Now, your snow drift – that could have turned ominous…

        P/s Thank you re image clarity – we used a Nikon 7 DSLR

    1. Thank you, Yoshiko, and glad that you found it funny 🙂
      Yes, we do use production assistants. All the cast and crew positions are shown in the credits.

    1. Thank you, dear 🙂
      I recall my brother-in-law on his first date, turned up in an apple (Kermit) green trousers. Now, don’t ask me how he ended up with pants of that colour but we all have a great laugh even now, when we recount that episode – almost 40 years later!

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