Recently, I read several posts that touched on beauty, what beauty is, and what makes one beautiful. Some harbour superficial views but most take more holistic approaches.

This is one of many views I hold.

Blind Beauties

All are made beautiful

Some are also made blind

They miss the beauties

Care to share your views 🙂

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  1. Try as I might I cannot see how this relates to the promised ‘water’ theme, Eric 😛

    Naturally that minor imperfection of (fore)sight doesn’t mar the truth of your words here.

    Maybe I just got the day wrong. I’ll try searching your site for ‘water’; I’ve no doubt something interesting will surface 🙂

    1. My apologies

      I drafted and redrafted the post but it didn’t feel right and therefore, shelved it. I don’t usually post a draft or something which I don’t like and have my readers suffer.

      I’ll relook that post when I catch some time, and if I do upload, I’ll link back to your post.

      Once again, my apologies – I’ve been remiss,

      1. D’oh! Don’t worry about it, I was a) just teasing and b) as ever, trying to say something that isn’t platitudinous 🙂

        It may be a personal character flaw, but I find it reassuring that nobody’s perfect. 😉

  2. So true Eric! There are too many people who are much like draught horses where they have their side vision blocked. Time to have a good look and SEE what’s happening.
    Great message 😀

    1. I like that phrase – draught horses 🙂

      All look but not all see 🙂

      Thank you, Luciana – for popping over and leaving behind your comment 🙂


  3. I endorse the quote ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Think about it, this means that beauty exists, not in the lovely woman, the movie star, or the exquisite work of art, but in the discerning senses of oneself the observer. We can all see beauty in the places were we wish to see it, an aging spouse, a grand-child, a sunset, whatever, even if some of our senses are denied. Cheerio, Jane

    1. I reckon that quote sums it all, Jane dear

      And yes, beauty exists, no doubt, and it exists in places that misses some of us. Discerning senses – yes!

      Thank you for your sharing and all good wishes,

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