Recently, I read several posts that touched on beauty, what beauty is, and what makes one beautiful. Some harbour superficial views but most take more holistic approaches.

This is one of many views I hold.

Blind Beauties

All are made beautiful

Some are also made blind

They miss the beauties

Care to share your views 🙂

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  1. External beauty can be viewed and enjoyed. Internal beauty can be appreciated and treasured. All beauty is beauty, for beauty itself is a gift. Hope that we can be enraptured by beauty in all forms.

    This is a beautiful post Eric.

    1. Hello Windy,

      Yes, beauty does come in different forms and for those who invest in appreciating it – it can be very rewarding.

      Thank you and have a great week ahead,

    1. Very true, Diane

      Externals are like beautiful skin on the fruit – but it’s what below the skin that counts.

      Thank you for your presence and sharing,

    1. That’s true, Val dear – how it’s so easy to miss beauty when we take a one-dimensional view – with our eyes.

      Hope the weekend had been treating you well (your recent post notwithstanding)


      1. I am trying very hard to find my heart and the peace it needs to write more hopefully and lovingly about the world I see. Believe me Eric, there is more in my world than what my PSTD shows.

  2. I really agreee with your quote, Eric…

    I believe that poets and writers in general have a sort of sixth sense which let them see beyond and find beauty in things that others don´t…

    I hope you have a nice weekend ahead, best wishes, Aquileana 😀

    1. Hello Aquileana dear,

      What a lovely comment. It’s good to know that over views converge 🙂

      You’re right in that, most have sight but some – such as poets and writers – possess the ability to convey this sight through the medium of prose and verse.

      Thank you and all best wishes for the weekend too,

    1. Hello, Janna dear,

      It’s always rewarding to present something wrapped in layers – and watch eager hands and minds unwrap until they find the answers they seek. Quite often, these are answers which the giver himself didn’t know he had wrapped inside.

      Peace and blessings,

  3. I feel that beauty is much related to the recipient’s mood. Given the same scene or scenario-if it is an incident, depending on the recipient’s mood, it can either be interpreted as beauty or perhaps misconceived as artificial or totally oblivious to the beauty.

    The beauty about you Eric is when you come up with one subject and make all of us work our grey cells along with you, LOL. Another beauty is I get to read all the different interpretations from your readers.

    1. That’s a valid approach, Jasey dearest,

      Beauty (of an incident) dependent on the perceiver’s mood.

      Well, with regards to making everyone think – including myself – that’s one method of eliciting varying viewpoints, I reckon.

      All good wishes,

  4. I also recently read a blog that asks if a butterfly is aware of its beauty. Well, of course not. Our (us humans) appreciation/awareness of beauty would seem to be an icing on the evolutionary cake – which may or may not be just deserts (sorry ).

    1. Hello Stephen,

      Once, I saw an interview of this woman, a local personality, who obviously had the money and had spent quite a sum on a make over. When the interviewer remarked politely that she looked gorgeous – she feigned annoyance and said, “I hope people love me for my brains” and on and on and on. Hilarious, and no wonder in most countries, ‘beauty’ is a multi billion dollar industry.

      Mind you, there’s nothing wrong about people wanting to look good – but spare us the hypocrisy! If someone compliments your looks, take it with good grace and move on – anyway, that’s how I feel.


      “Eric, you’re getting bald!”
      “I’m working on it, but haven’t quite got there!”

      1. Personally, whenever someone compiments me on my astonishingly beautiful, good looks I accept their praise gracefully, run my hand through my hair…. er rub my bald plate….and say Aww shucks.

    1. Hello Celestine dear 🙂

      We marvel at physical beauty, knowing that it fades with time – but true beauty, blossoms with time.

      All good wishes for the weekend,

  5. Very deep and true, Eric…though some have their sight, they can be blind to the beauty in front of them because of judging only by the outside appearance. True beauty lies within our hearts. ♥

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Hello Lauren,

      Thank you for sharing your take on beauty – all the contributions received are marvellous and provide different facets. They are so enriching.

      Have a great weekend too 🙂

  6. Beauty is experienced through many mediums besides sight so blindness doesn’t have to mean we have to miss the beauties…blindness in one aspect is compensated for naturally by the body in other aspects…hearing….feeling…smell….and instinct! All are greatly enhanced allowing for what may ultimately be a far greater and enriching view of beauty than that shallow view of beauty experienced by those who know it only by sight… 🙂

    1. Very true, Wolfie,

      All our senses help us to recognise beauty. There are some with sight who remain blind to beauty, and others who are blind but have sight to know beauty.

      All good wishes 🙂

  7. Well put Eric!

    Have you ever met someone who was plain but as you got to them they became beautiful in your sight? And have youever met someone very attractive and their bitterness and hatred made them ugly in your sight?
    Diana xo

    1. Hello Diana,

      Yes, I’ve had such experiences and it reflects on me more than them, I reckon. Now, I try to cage my views until I get to know people better.

      I love the way you presented that – cause for thought – for me, anyway 🙂

      Have a great weekend,

  8. People are blind when heart doesn’t see is is something you do feel
    but if your heart is dead..then you are blind like death
    and you can not escape..unless you live again
    feel the pain..isn’t that simple and plain 🙂

    1. Hello Kalabalu,

      Now, that’s a marvellous contribution – and thank you for sharing it with my readers and me 🙂

      All good wishes,

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