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Eight of my blogging friends, did me a great favour when they agreed to their comments on the back cover of Mechanic Leigh (print version due to be released next week). Displaying their most recent books (or books recommended by them) is a token of appreciation on my part. When first approached regarding their comments, they did not know I was going to do this – none of them expected anything in return other than to help a friend.

Please do click on the images and they’ll take you to the respective blog posts of Stephen Baum, Jane Stansfeld and Valentine Logar.

Jane Thorne recommended a book written by a friend – A House Near Luccoli by DM Denton.

When I approached Jasey Chua, (who does not blog) she suggested I chose one of my own books 🙂

Ian Grice (Queensland, Australia), Soma Mukherjee (New Delhi, India) and Melissa Perera (Maryland, USA) do not have books to their names – yet 😉 But when they do – I’ll be happy to do the same for them.

Be a Friend

Be a friend

I welcome

your embrace during my misfortunes

But more so

your back slaps at my good fortunes

Be my friend

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Mechanic Leigh



  1. You are a kind soul Eric. And a good friend. I am yet to read Stephen’s book that he so kindly sent me! Am going to get on it right away! 🙂

    1. There are so many self published authors, all doing their own thing. My approach is nothing new – more hands make the work easier and faster. We can all leverage on one another’s network of blog ‘followers’ – the spread is simply exponential.

      Hope and trust that you’ll enjoy UP IN THE BRONX 🙂

  2. Good way to go, Eric! Love to see writers and readers alike promote books. No doubt this gives the authors tons of encouragement and joy.

    I’ll go into the links. Would like to meet the authors — though I know one or two already.

    1. I knew you would find common ground here, Uzo, my friend.

      You’re not been posting lately and I hope to read the next installment of “We are not cursed” – when you get round to it.

      Re the authors here – it’s unsurprising that you already know some of them and yes, we can help one another 🙂


    2. Yeah, I’ve not been able to blog for some time because of my soap project which took me far away from home. Because of this, the blog serial has suffered in terms of writing the remaining part of the story as well as the feedback/readership.

      I hope to resume next week.

  3. When you share, you’ll get more in return. You may not get returns from those you help but there will be pleasant surprises from others, just as kindness begets kindness. You have a big heart Eric. What a marvelous gesture !

    1. You’re so right, Windy.

      I’m a firm believer that we reap what we sow. By helping others, I’m helping myself. I wish more people would help themselves 🙂


  4. I can’t thank you enough, Eric, for sharing my novel. You set a wonderful example of how giving and receiving are interwoven, as does lovely Jane Thorne. Blessings to you both. (MECHANIC LEIGH: Growing Up in the 1960s is now on my kindle) 🙂 Diane

    1. Oh Diane (I love your name 🙂 )

      It’s Jane that we both need to thank and it’s not as if I’ve done anything much.

      It’s amazing how much we receive, when we give. Thankfully, I realized this long ago.

      Thank you for picking up Mechanic Leigh. You’ll discover that Leigh is a composite of many of us in our youth – perhaps even of you.

      I’m rushing off for a meeting and will return to browse more of your (interesting) blog over the weekend,

  5. Thank you for promoting generosity in our hearts. Seeing you extending your friendship in such a touching manner, you deserve many pats on your back. Wish you and all who had published their books great success. I like that we are encouraging and supporting each other in our common interest.

    1. Hello Jasey dearest,

      When I first started the rounds in the Singapore literary circle, the level of selfishness I observed was appalling. Most authors (but not all) studiously avoid attending one another’s book launches or lend support!

      Instead of lamenting the state of affairs, or worse, emulating such behaviour, I decided these are not my teachers. I’ve since become somewhat of a fixture in book launches. Quite often I read of book launches and turn up. If anyone asks me via email or in person – I make it a point to attend and support.

      Thank you and I hope to meet you one day 🙂

    1. Val my dear,

      Throughout my corporate career, I’ve consistently helped my staff and co-workers – sometimes at great cost to my career – but hold no regrets.

      In my private life, I’ve also helped dozens of people. Many paid me back with betrayal and downright fraud – even family members! I say this in public knowing that some of them are reading my blog surreptitiously.

      But I remain undeterred and continue to do what little I can. Because there are more decent people than frauds out there. Unfortunately, it’s my “luck” that I’ve met more of the latter. But, like you, I’m still young 🙂 and I just need to find them – many are here in Blogsville.

      Thank you for your kind words, my dear – you are one who has and is going through so much. Yet, you remain generous – a shining light, I reckon.

      Luv and hugz,

  6. You flow much love and support Eric from your huge heart and we are all grateful to you. To be connected with you in this global village is a gift my special buddy. Here’s to great sales for ‘Mechanic Leigh…growing up in the 1960s’. I am so enjoying reading it. 🙂 Xxx

    1. Thank you, Jane dear.

      There are some authors who believe it’s a zero sum game. Obviously, these are not our teachers and we should all try to rise above such sentiments. But it’s easy to talk, I agree.

      Therefore, we do our small part, as best we can 🙂 After all, whatever little talent we possess is not ours >

      Luv and hugz,

    1. Hello my dear friend,

      You are ever encouraging and supportive.

      I do tend to write on several topics and perhaps in time, settle down to one or two genres. Right now, I’m a writer in a candy store – or, should that be, a toy store 🙂

      All good wishes, Ian,
      P/s I look forward to reading your book one day.

    1. Hello Janna,

      As self-published authors, we need to self-promote and there is nothing shameful about it – as long as it is done tastefully.

      As you know, compared to legacy publishing, self-publishing is very much in its formative years. Even as recently as 4 years ago, self published authors remained in the shadows. But not any more, as they are coming out.

      Of course, the reader has every right to expect works comparable to legacy published authors. And readers will weed out the swarf – and rightly so.

      You write good stories too and I hope to see your works published 🙂

    1. Thank you, Odis

      You spotted my intention – when I said “Be my friend” – it was not a first person plea but rather a general statement giving voice to all of us.

      As authors, as people, we can help build one another up. It is not a zero sum game.

      All good wishes,

  7. All the blurbs on the back of my book are successful writers I know. I felt truly honored when they agreed to read my book and then write a blurb. I feel honored that you are following my blog.

    1. Good to know, Juliana,

      There are a few more published authors on the side bar – perhaps a good opportunity to connect with them too.

      Thank you for following my blog too 🙂


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