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You’ll notice the book images on the left hand bar.

Eight of my blogging friends, did me a great favour when they agreed to their comments on the back cover of Mechanic Leigh (print version due to be released next week). Displaying their most recent books (or books recommended by them) is a token of appreciation on my part. When first approached regarding their comments, they did not know I was going to do this – none of them expected anything in return other than to help a friend.

Please do click on the images and they’ll take you to the respective blog posts of Stephen Baum, Jane Stansfeld and Valentine Logar.

Jane Thorne recommended a book written by a friend – A House Near Luccoli by DM Denton.

When I approached Jasey Chua, (who does not blog) she suggested I chose one of my own books 🙂

Ian Grice (Queensland, Australia), Soma Mukherjee (New Delhi, India) and Melissa Perera (Maryland, USA) do not have books to their names – yet 😉 But when they do – I’ll be happy to do the same for them.

Be a Friend

Be a friend

I welcome

your embrace during my misfortunes

But more so

your back slaps at my good fortunes

Be my friend

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