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My next novel, Mechanic Leigh, is due before June 2014 and this poll is to decide on the book cover.

You might recall this precocious boy and his ‘nemesis’ the Ghost Writer. Feel free to click on Category – Mechanic Leigh – to refresh your memories and how he helped many of us relive our childhood.

The original episodes totalled 47 with an approximate word count of 22,000. It has since grown into 50 episodes and with a word count of 57,000.

Thank you all who read, commented and encouraged.

Cover One

Mechanic Leigh cover (2)

Or, do you prefer some green as below

Cover Two

Mechanic Leigh v2_Green (2)

I’m canvassing your help on which of the two book covers you prefer.


Please also leave behind a comment below – if you wish.

Thank you,