1. Trust is something so fragile – one that needs constant nurturing and conscious safe-guarding.

      Yes, I read your thoughtful questions, Val – very true.

      Peace ane blessings,

  1. Well, the obvious solution is to get a sample of mother-in-law’s lipstick and send the lipstick and shirt to a lab for analysis 🙂

    Only kidding. But I’ve made a mental note to not smear lipstick all over my sons!

    1. Obviously, this is a job for the best CSI money can buy 🙂

      One morning, Lisa left a lipstick smear on my collar when we kissed good bye. It was only after a few hours, when my secretary returned from her errands, I learned the reason behind all those strange knowing stares I’ve been receiving that morning from the female staff in the firm.

      Thank goodness the hickeys were all below the collar line 🙂

    1. Hello, Dee 🙂 always love to have you visit.

      Yes, you are so very right – that’s the way to go, I agree. One should not live in ignorant bliss either. Measured responses, as always.

      Have a great weekend ahead,

  2. Beautiful haiku. The tension between trust and jealousy is so destructive. I checked out MASSEUR too, and that was deeply moving and haunting. You are a very gifted and thought-provoking writer, Eric!

    1. Awwwh, you’re a kind one, Rachael, and thank you.

      Humans are confronted with balancing conflicting emotions – and not all are great with balancing on balls.

      Peace and blessings,

      1. 😳

        It says “Ann Arbor-ite writes about enjoying…” in your blog.

        Okay, Beth – I got it and sorry (embarrassed chuckle)

        P/s I learnt two things from you – see also my reply to Willow.

      2. no problem at all – ann arbor is my city’s name, but i can see how you could have read it that way ) beth

  3. Hmm. Such a mark will certainly cause the wife to ask questions — I won’t blame her if she does. Going to the extent of carrying out an investigation as to whether the hubby is right or not means that trust is already hanging in the balance. A thought-provoking haiku, my friend.

    Ps: sorry for my former. I’m posting this comment from my mobile browser.

    1. I believe all of us suffer doubts but how we act on them reflects on our self confidence, life experiences and the strength of the current relationship.

      Thank you for your visit and comment my friend.

      P/s I took care of that glitch 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cynthia

      There are stratas in our society that many are blissfully ignorant of, many whose biggest beef of their day might be – “Oh my, that cab driver was so rude”.

  4. Back in the barn, the cocks always chase the hens…then the hens lay eggs…if a hen doesn’t produce enough eggs, it’s off with her head! Damn farmers got a strong pimp hand!
    Moral of the story: sluts live the good life. Or cock tastes like chicken. Or don’t trust a hen that wears lipstick. Or cocks rule the roost.
    Yes, cocks rule the roost and therefore should be blamed for everything! Hehe

    1. Actually, egg farmers routinely slaughter the roosters – first in the pot! As for the hens – artificial insemination – how gross but the next time we consume an egg — 🙂

  5. I think this wife does not deserve the man if after all your intervention she cannot acknowledge the help you and LIsa gave in saving a great man for her. Sorry, but I just had to say it.

    My hubby has been out of job for a year now and I do everything, pay bills, feeding, school fees for three kids and a nephew, buy petrol in the car, and continuing with the construction of our dream home. Meanwhile, hubby went on to pursue MBA and I had to take a loan for the fees. I’m human, it does get at me sometimes and we quarrel, serious ones, but we do make up because what we have is ourselves. Sorry, Eric.

    Anyway, since I do get jealous every now and then, I am sure I would be distrustful. In any case my mother-in-law died five years ago 🙂

    1. Dearest Celestine,

      My respect for you went up multifold – not that it languished in the first place, mind you.

      I had been unemployed and withput income – it is not easy for a man to find himself in such a situation. It rips out his very being and questions every iota of self worth that he and society expects of him. I assume your hubby is out of work – but not of his choosing. He must be going through wrenching times. But it is also great that he is putting the time to good use.

      You are even more terrific – holding it all together. It is unquestionable and understandable why you loose it sometimes. When the storm passes – I wish for you many bright sunshine days ahead.

      Protecting one’s turf is natural. I believe if it is something worth holding on to – it is worth figthing for – even if it means fighting with the one we love. heh 🙂

    1. Sometime ago, we helped a couple get back together. The man’s business had gone south and, unable to hire help, he asked his wife to assist him. She declined as her stand was, he was the husband and it was his job to feed and clothe the children and her. Let us not venture into the ‘through thick and thin’ stuff.

      The man got a friend, unfortunately a woman, to help with his business. The wife complained that he was having an affair and kicked up quite a public fuss and quickly gathered a gaggle of ‘how could he do that’ sympathisers. Even so-called ‘trained’ counsellors prejudged him. The marriage headed for a divorce.

      Lisa and I intervened, debunked all the false accusations and helped rescue their marriage. The man was grateful, the gaggle saw a salacious topic slip from their tongues and the wife hated me with the intensity of one proven wrong.

      After more than 10 years, now the wife acknowledges me with a stiff nod, but the man never fails to give me a full hug whenever we meet.

      They remain as a loving family and the man had since embarked on a new and successful career. That woman friend of his stays away from their lives.

      So very true, Susan – much of what we conclude reflects on our life experiences and values.

      1. I’m sorry you lost a friend, but she sounds pretty shallow. And I feel sorry for the man, from what you’ve said it sounds like he is a dear sweet man that truly loves his wife and his friend, you.

        Maybe one day she’ll lose the bitterness in her heart and realize what a caring couple you and Lisa are.

  6. Is mother also jealous of son’s wife, you never know.. so the accidental stain.
    Son should let wife and mum squabble, what a scene. Okay I’m evil today..

  7. hey what is wrong with asking where the hubby got it 😉
    Statistically speaking, there is a 85 percent chance that the love of your life is having an affair. ok I may have made up that number but one can never be too suspicious 😆

    1. Very true, Somi – that would be the way, ask the guy and then call his mother 🙂

      Yeah, it can’t be 85 percent. If politicians, it is 98 percent 🙂

  8. I can’t quite connect the dots between “The Masseur” – a haunting story by the way, and this haiku.

    The moral for this one is that mothers shouldn’t wear lipstick if they are going to smear it all over their sons – ugh! Suspicions make good stories but in real lives are insidious and killing. I hope, and pray, that I never have to face this type of anguish even when there is a reasonable, and perhaps innocent, explanation.

    1. Grandpa once pulled out a large sheet of white paper. He circled and shaded a black spot.

      “What do you see,” he asked.

      “A black spot, Grandpa,” I replied.

      “Interesting is it not,” he said, “that you focus on that spot at the expense of the white expanse.”

      I was 13. It was a few months before Grandpa died.

      The moral for me was – Our reference points – quite often dictate our thoughts, words and actions.


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